Day Four: Saratoga Springs, NY + Woodstock, VT + Concord, NH

After leaving Kingston, NY, we headed to Saratoga Springs for breakfast.  I sure wish we would’ve scheduled in a little more time here.  It was beautiful and the weather was perfect!

We’d planned on eating at a few places like Sweet Mimi’s and Hattie’s for breakfast, but the wait was about an hour at Sweet Mimi’s and Hattie’s was closed so we went to Spring Street Deli and loved it!

Wore these sunnies, this crossbody and this terry hoodie.

After we left Saratoga Springs, we made our way to Vermont.  We starting searching for places that made maple syrup and found this little spot in Woodstock, VT called Sugar Bush Farms.  It was off the beaten path and it was honestly one of the highlights of our trip.

We had a chance to taste several different types of syrup, saw how they tapped the trees and sampled lots of cheese and butter too.  I loved watching them wax the cheese.  We took lots with us to enjoy at our cottage that night.

Wheeler got these cool earrings made from real maple leaves.

There was a chapel on the property.

The kids loved meeting all the animals.

I had no idea my favorite glass designer, Simon Pearce, is based here.  I own lots of Simon Pearce pieces.  Wish we’d made more time to stop in and visit, but we had lots more ground to cover.  But it was neat at least driving by and seeing it.

One of the activities we had to cut from the trip was going to Mount Washington.  I’ve been to the top on a road trip almost 20 years ago and Lanier has hiked it with boy scouts, but we just couldn’t fit it in this time.  There’s always next time…  We stopped into Concord, NH for lunch real quick and enjoyed a local spot, Nina’s.  My wrap was delicious.

Making our way on up north…

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