Day Three: Part Two – Eating Our Way Through Hershey, PA + Kingston, NY

After we left Gettysburg, we made our way to Hershey, PA.  Our first stop was The Hershey Pantry.  Absolutely delicious!  Highly recommend!  Make sure you ask to sit on the back patio.

Such a pretty atmosphere.

Wheeler got the Dill Chicken Wrap.

The others got cheeseburgers.

And I enjoyed the Turkey Avocado Panini.  Yum!

After leaving lunch, Logan pulled his tooth.  It was only fitting that he lost it in Hershey!

We were only here a short while, but we ventured into Hershey’s Chocolate World.  My kids are all serious chocolate lovers, but it was almost too much.  They’d had it with the smell pretty soon after we arrived.

We went on the free chocolate tour ride which ended up being pretty neat.  It was short enough and we got to see how they made and package all the different chocolates.  Plus, they give you a Hershey bar at the end of the ride.  Bonus!

Can you tell they were over it?

We all picked out our favorite chocolate bar then headed on to Kingston, NY.

I absolutely LOVED this spot I found for dinner.

A wood-fired pizza place with the cutest ambience.

Lots of tasty cocktails too.  I had the Night Animal and am definitely going to try and re-create this one at home!

We all LOVE calamari!

We had the Three Amigos (left; pepperoni, sausage, ‘nduja, bacon, tomato sauce, mozzarela), Tiger Paw (middle; pepperoni, tomato sauce, provolone, mozzarella, onion and chili honey) and the Margherita.  The Tiger Paw was our fave.

Sweatshirt // Sunnies

Cheers to a great day!

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  1. It has been quite some time since I’ve been to Hershey, I must say. I remember back in the day they used to hand out chocolate bars at the amusement park. Seems like an age ago! Glad you enjoyed the sites!

    And that Turley panink looks delicious!

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