Our Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas break!  This year, Logan played Joseph and Wheeler was the Angel Gabriel.  Effie also read the Prayer of Dedication and Vaughn helped with the offering.  Makes me so happy that they’re all so willing to help with this pageant at church each year.  Logan wasn’t planning on being Joseph, but… Read More

Christmas in Charleston is Just So Magical!

Marion Square Christmas Tree The Light Show that coordinates with music in the Cistern Yard is so cool!  It runs every 30 minutes starting at 6pm. When the kids were running up to this sign for a pic, Vaughn yells, ‘I call the ‘R’  Hmmmm. Haha. So excited to see snow! Located at The Charleston… Read More

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My 42nd Birthday!

There was no place I’d rather be on my birthday than with my family!  I turned 42 on the 18th!  The children took turns reading the reader response at church Sunday morning while Lanier lit the advent candles. This week’s candle was LOVE. Very fitting and what Christmas is all about. Over the weekend, Lanier… Read More

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Life Lately + What I Wore

Last week, my friend Julianne Taylor hosted a little get together and I had the best time catching up with so many friends.  Isn’t her house beautiful? This is my friend Jenan McClain that is a talented artist. This piece of hers is one of my favorite pieces in my house. Missy of J Melissa… Read More

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Sunrise on Saturday

How beautiful was this sunrise on Saturday morning?  I couldn’t stop taking photos of its ever changing scene.  I walked out and felt like I’d stepped into a painting.  Unreal. Hope y’all are having a wonderful week so far!

Life Lately + What I’m Loving

Okay y’all, bear with me as I haven’t posted much in the past week or so and I’ve got a lot of randoms to share.  My website was down for about a week and I just got it back up and running a few days ago.  Imagine clicking onto your ‘baby’ you’ve had since 2010… Read More

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