Day One: Nantahala White Water Rafting

The first day of our Lampoon (ahem…Brown) Road Trip was a success!  We started the morning off at Peter’s for some hearty breakfast fuel.

Lanier and I grew up going white water rafting on the Nantahala with our church and Lanier also took many trips down it as a Boy Scout.

He said he’s been down it at least 15 times.  So we didn’t use a guide and it was awesome!

Loved letting the kids experience their first rapids! We had to compare it to Mario Party, but in real life. 🤪 Some of y’all will know what I mean.

The weather couldn’t have been better, the water was cold but refreshing, we only got stuck once and no one fell out 😅.

The first day of our trip was pure magic! Hoping it continues as we make our way up the East Coast! Wish us luck!  Sharing more of what we did on our first day on the next post.

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