My BRCA Surgeries: Part Three

My plastic surgeon, Jennifer Scwartz with O’Neill Plastic Surgery, explained that the the first surgery was to remove all of my breast tissue and put in implants.  The second would be months later, after seeing how the breasts settled.  Since all of my breast tissue was removed, that wouldn’t give much skin to cover my… Read More

My BRCA Surgeries: Part Two

As for meeting with my gynecologist (Dr. Eleanor Oakman with Roper St. Francis) in early August, she initially scheduled my salpingo-oophorectomy (ovary and tube removal) for 2023, seeing as I’d be going through a lot during this time with the multiple breast surgeries alone.  But I remember calling her back a week later and saying… Read More

My BRCA Surgeries: Part One

After meeting with my breast oncologist (Dr. Megan Baker), oncological gynecologist (Dr. Eleaonor Oakman), and my plastic surgeon (Dr. Jennifer Dixon-Swartz), we scheduled dates for my surgeries.  All of these surgeons were incredible – highly recommend ALL THREE!  The breast surgeon and plastic surgeon scheduled my double mastectomy for mid-August and noted that I’d stay… Read More

My BRCA Story

My reason for writing this entire post is to bring y’all awareness to getting genetic testing done if someone in your family (aunt, grandmother, mother, cousins, etc.) has been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer.  Because of a family history of breast cancer and ovarian cancer, several of my family members tested positive for the… Read More

Lilly Pulitzer Sunshine Sale Starts Today!

The Lilly Sunshine Sale is HERE!  And there are some amazing pieces marked down.  Sharing the latest ones I’ve worn this past spring/summer that are all currently part of the sale.  Shop soon for the best selection. This dress was clearly a major fave this summer. Wore it so many times. Fits true to size. … Read More

Loving Lately

Oversized Cropped Sweatshirt // Tank // Shorts On yesterday’s post, I shared all of my Lulu faves with y’all.  Click on items above to shop.  Today, I’m sharing the ones I’ve been wearing and loving.  I’ve ordered more of my faves too, so I’ll share those with you soon. Sweatshirt (this one is on sale!)… Read More

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