Latest Crushes + A Disco Party

I finally found a faux leaf for my vase on the piano.  It’s great because it’s wired, so you can move it around to style it how you’d like it. Scroll to shop more faux drop-ins, stems and branches below… Loving this new coat.  It runs big, so make sure you go down a size. … Read More

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Valentine’s Gift Guide

Gold Heart Earrings // Pink Heart Studs // Red Tennis Skirt // Heart Round Jewelry Box // Heart Applique Blouse // Heart Mug // Grey Heart Pajamas // Red Heart Pajamas // Heart Spoon Rest // Heart Ring // Lip and Cheek Gel Balm // Electric Pink Crepe Dress // Bow Wedges (currently on sale)… Read More

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Effie as Aladdin: Part Two

Day Two was just as awesome as Day One! With two more sold out performances! Cannot express how talented the entire troupe was for this performance! The costumes and choreography were amazing! Each scene was just so cool and fun! One of her biggest supporters!  She insisted on coming to every show with me! And… Read More

Effie as Aladdin: Part One

All geared up for her first day of performances.  Effie performed as Aladdin in her troupe’s performance of Aladdin a few weeks ago.  I know I’m a little biased, but it was awesome!  Enough that the owner and head of her theater center said in front of their last performance’s sold out crowd that she’s… Read More

Latest Amazon Orders

It’s Friday!  Can’t believe it’s already February!  Sharing some of my latest Amazon orders with y’all today.  Enjoy! Hope y’all have the best weekend.  The girls have their school dance tonight and they asked me to chaperone.  Can’t believe they think I’m cool enough.  Winning.  Going to try my very best not to embarrass them. … Read More

Randoms I’m Loving Lately

Ever since I bought this sideboard (I purchased ours at a local store, Celadon, and not as expensive) a few years ago, I’ve been wanting a vintage record player to go on it.  Finally found one and I love it!  It came in yesterday and we’ve been loving listening to old records.  I did get… Read More

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