Day Two: Grand View Hike

We’re trying to stop into as many National Park sites as we can on our way up the East Coast.  Wheeler’s been a Junior Ranger since she was little and still loves collecting the stamps.

After a trip to Pal’s (Logan’s favorite spot on his trip to the Bristol Nascar Race last year), we headed out on a hike.

Once we got to Grand View, we set out on a hike.  It was almost four miles, but pretty easy.

I got to try out my new hiking shoes for the first time.  They’re supposed to be good for hiking and I can definitely say they were.  Loved them.  They fit true to size.

Vaughn always finding the creatures.  This guy was a millipede.

How pretty are these zinnias?

We took the rocky path on the trail there, but on the way back, Effie and I found a smoother path higher up and slow jogged back.

We made it!

This panoramic photo of the New River doesn’t do it justice!

The view was beautiful!

Such a great day in Virginia on our second day!