Day One: Part Two – Pigeon Forge, TN

After rafting and checking into our hotel in Pigeon Forge, we got a little swim time in at our hotel.  The kids loved ours because it had a slide.  Then we headed off for more adventures.  This was right after we rode on a mountain coaster.

The kids were a little skeptical at first, but in the end, they loved it!

You could change your speed throughout the ride, so Vaughn rode with me and we did a little of both.  To say it was a little scarier than the rapids is an understatement.

But what a thrill!  At first we were skeptical for the price, but it was well worth it.  Highly recommend!  Check Groupon, most of these have groupons and they’ll save you a lot of money.  We looked one up when we were in the parking lot and saved over $30.

They were trying to get creative with their photos.  Cute.  We stopped here to check out the highest mountain in Tennessee.

We played a fun round of putt-putt at The Toy Box.

They loved all the life size toys.  You’ll also notice Logan wearing crocs.  They’ve always worn Natives.  Well actually, I take that back.  Wheeler and Effie started off wearing crocs when they were little because their little feet weren’t narrow enough for Natives.  As they got older, they were able to wear them.  Well now, Logan and Vaughn’s feet are getting too wide to fit into Natives…so crocs was the other choice.  But Logan honestly loves how comfortable his new crocs are.  We’ll see how long he’ll be able to keep these white ones clean.  Once Vaughn grows out of these Natives, he’ll be wearing crocs too.  I tried to get him the next size up in Natives and they’re just too narrow and make the sides of his feet hurt.  I wish they’d wear flip flops, but they say they’re too uncomfortable.

Back to putt-putt…so this course had some fun additions to each hole.  These directions changed on every hole.  We loved it for a few holes, but then we just decided to play regular putt-putt because it was taking too long.

Wheeler’s idea for this pic.

It was a close game, but I won!  Woohoo.  Barely beating Lanier by two strokes.

Wore this crossback top (in a small and currently on sale), these shorts and this necklace.

Shared our Nantahala White Water Rafting experience that we enjoyed earlier on in the day here, as well as some things I packed here.

Happy Monday, Y’all!

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