Holiday Break Final Recap

Told y’all I love this top!  Wore it again on my run the other day.  Speaking of running, I’m back on track in the new year.  I’m attempting to close out all of my rings in January and currently on Day 10 of running everyday.  And yes, these airpods are still my favorite and I’ve never had trouble with them falling out.  If you’re wondering what I mean when I say ‘Close My Rings’ I’m referring to my Apple Watch with my iPhone Activity App.

New tank and a great style for running!

I’m also loving these looks below too…

On one of the last days before school started back, the kids and I ventured over to the Fun Park and had the BEST time!

They scored lots of fun treats with their tickets!

We ended the evening at Mellow Mushroom.

Saturday morning cartoons…

Vaughn got the Death Star Lego Set from Santa and Lanier finished it last week.  It took him so long to complete it, that I’m nervous for Vaughn to play with it for fear that it might break!

Wore the cutest earrings to church on Sunday.

Our lunch dates!

The kids made it through the first day without being too tired.  This was their little reward on their first day back!

 Captured a stunning sunrise the other morning.

I haven’t been to Basil in a long time.  I always forget how delicious it is!

I was gifted the sweetest little angel painting.

Found the perfect place for it!

I know it’s a few months away, but I couldn’t resist getting these socks the other day.

New color for the new year.  This one is Strong Coal-alition.

This is by far my favorite jacket.  Have it in so many colors.  Great fit!

If you’re like me and a huge Jeopardy fan, this has been the best week to watch it!  The top best of the best are competing to be the greatest Jeopardy player of all time!

It’s been a little chilly on my early morning runs, but I’ve loved knocking them out so early!  I’m loving these mittens and my neck wrap is old, but I found this similar one.

Alright y’all, I think that’s a wrap!  I’m all caught up on my recaps.  To head back to the previous ones, here you go…

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I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  Cannot even believe that it’s January and it’s supposed to be in the lower 70s tomorrow!  We’ll be outside and taking full advantage!

TGIF, Y’all!