HerStory Dress + New J.Crew Collection + Life Lately

HerStory asked me to choose some pieces to add to a Tastemaker Collection.  Check it out here.  I had so much fun deciding which pieces to go in my collection.  They have so many pretty pieces to choose from!  Not only do they carry women-led brands, they also focus on ethical fashion to makes an impact around the world.

Thanks to Effie for taking these amazing photos!  We had about ten minutes to take these, before I had to run her to theater.  Honestly, it wasn’t that hard because this dress is just beautiful!  Wearing an XS.  Paired here with these wedges, these earrings and these sunnies.

Here are some of my Valentine picks from my Tastemaker Collection.  Click on items above to shop.

Proud of Effie and Logan for making their honor rolls!

This shampoo is great for the girls’ hormonal hair.  Very clarifying.  Since they’ve hit puberty, their hair has gotten oilier, yet flaky.  This shampoo works wonders!

And this shampoo is GREAT to keep my hair from getting brassy.  Love it!

I finally tried this lip gloss and Annie and love the light pink shade.


Logan did great on his flag football evaluations on Saturday!

Wore this silk dress to the theater on Friday night.  Fits true to size.  Wearing a small.

Wheeler went to her friend’s semi-formal on Saturday night and had the BEST night!  She’s wearing this dress that she picked out herself!  Wearing a medium and only $40!

Wore this coat and this dress to church on Sunday.  My color and print is no longer available, but there are lots of other colors and prints available in the same styles.  They fit true to size.  Wearing a size 4 in the coat and a small in the dress.

J.Crew came out with a new February.  Sharing my faves.  Love the classic look of these pieces.  Click on items above to shop.  If you’re having trouble accessing this from your email, click here to shop.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!  We had a lot of fun and the weather was great!  So ready for warm weather.  This time of year always gets to me.  I yearn for long, warm and sunny beach days soon!

If you’re looking for looks for less, head back to this post.  So many great prices!