Holiday Break Recap

Okay, so I know it’s crazy to be sharing a holiday recap with y’all, but it’s been such a fun, busy time that I’m just now sitting down to share it with you.  I’ve been trying to sit down with my computer at night, but honestly I’ve been so tired that I’ve been falling asleep trying to knock it out.

Wheeler takes Creative Drama and had her end of season performance last month.  She played the lead as Frankensteinette.  Kudos to her for memorizing all of those lines!

Effie, Logan and Vaughn all wanted front row seats.

Directly after her performance (and her green face), the girls had to quickly change and make it to their Winter Cotillion Dance.

Love that she propped her little stuffed animal friends out of her bookbag like this.

I’m still in the process of moving furniture around, as I’ve been organizing in the new year.  But I loved this little set-up over the holidays with my new art piece by friend and talented artist Jenan McClain.

Cutest PJs!  Currently on sale!

So Logan lost his little monkey, one of his many friends he sleeps with every night.  I searched all over looking for a replacement.  I finally found one and gave it to him Christmas morning.  The elation on his face was pure magic!

Before leaving for our Mexico trip, my mother-in-law and I took the kids to see Elf: The Musical at Dock Street Theater.  We enjoyed dinner at Blind Tiger before the show.

Made this coffee table book my souvenir from our Tulum trip.

Fits right in!  And yes, I’m probably jinxing myself now, but my orchid is STILL alive!

Vaughn had a great “Grinch Day” at school!

Loved celebrating my birthday on the 18th!

The food and cocktails at Handcraft were amazing!

For my birthday dessert, the kids decided they wanted to celebrate it at Starbucks with hot chocolate and special treats.  Cheers!

I had the best day and wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate it any other way!

The winner of the $200 Lilly giveaway is…

Kristinanne!  Congratulations!