Holiday Break Recap: Part Three

A few days before Christmas, amidst the dreary rain, we had a little fun day full of their favorite things to do!

Our first stop.  Waffle House!

Then we headed to the aquarium.

After the aquarium, we enjoyed lunch at Ruru’s followed by a trip to the train tracks at Belmond Charleston Place.

We were a little sad that our next stop had to be changed since Off Track Ice Cream was closed that day.  Still not sure why.

Starbucks was close by, so we enjoyed brownies there.

Next, we stopped into Causey’s to let the boys get long overdue haircuts.

After their cuts, we visited my sister and her husband at their house.

And witnessed the prettiest rainbow!

All in all, it was truly a fabulous day, full of fun!

I usually don’t get these photos, since we frequent the aquarium a good bit.  But the girls insisted on getting these, so they could put them in their room.  And they were just too cute not to get them.  The best of friends and sisters!