Our Holiday Break: Part Four

On Christmas Eve, the children participated in the Christmas Pageant at church.  Wheeler was the Lead Angel and did such a great job.  Effie was King Herod and was too funny, acting impatient and mad up on the stage.

Logan and his little Dapper Dan self.

This was probably my favorite family photo over the holidays!  Thankful for such a great capture.

After the service, we continued our annual tradition of dinner, hibachi-style…

…and then the kids caroled at all of our friends’ houses.  I think this is one of their favorite things to do.  And I just love it too!

This house is always their favorite to visit because the decorations are all interactive…notice Logan on the Dumbo ride in the background.

All prepped and ready to go!

Christmas morning…they can <almost> still sit four in a row on the same step.

Santa brings one gift each and this is what Logan asked for.  He was sooooo excited!

And if you saw my post earlier, this was how excited he was to get his monkey back.

These were some of my Christmas gifts I received.

I’m so thankful they’re still young enough to love getting new doll clothes and stuffed animals!

On Christmas day, we always go see a movie.  This time it was the new Star Wars movie.  And they loved it!  Notice Effie with her two new stuffed animals posing for the camera…peeking out of her shirt.

This year’s Christmas Card by Minted.  Still my favorite place to order our cards each and every year.