Life Lately + What I Wore

Obviously, you’ll notice quickly in my next few posts that my outfit selections this month has been based on my attempt into getting into better shape to start the year off right.  Here’s hoping that I can continue this routine throughout this entire year. So if you’re looking for workout apparel inspo, I’m your girl!  Above, wearing my favorite style jacket in a beautiful new lavender color.  For fit, I always size up.  Paired here with these shorts.

And aside from wearing and shopping for workout attire, I’ve spent the other majority of my time when I’m on my computer searching for furniture for our den. Honestly, it’s taking up a lot of my time because I can’t make up my mind on what I want to choose. But I think finally I’ve decided on some pieces that I’m excited about. So when they come in, I’ll be sure to share them with you!  It’s been TWO years people, but we finally ordered a coffee table.  This one, to be exact.  Can’t wait until it arrives!

Last week, the weather was unseasonably warm, so I took full advantage.  75 degrees made for a beautiful day to run the bridge!

All snuggles with my sweet Vaughn!

Off to their monthly Sock Hop!

They have put so much heart into their basketball season this year!

Cannot believe how quickly my Logan Bear is growing.  This is 8!

Oyster Roasts abound this month!

It poured for most of the day on Sunday a few weeks ago, but we still managed to make it to church and even got a little glimpse of some sun!

Effie came furniture shopping with me last week, probably knowing there was going to be a perk in there somewhere for her.

Effie still loves carting friends in the neighborhood around in her trusty bike carrier.  It was her one request from Santa and I’m so happy he brought her exactly what she wanted!

All snuggled in.  Boozer has started showing some age lately and it’s kind of making me sad.  He’s 13, but has always acted like a jumpy, spazzy puppy at times.  Those times are fleeting…

Enjoying a “fancy” meal!

Off to their New Year Cotillion Dance.

Some of the best coffee in town!  I love so many flavors, but I think my favorite is the Lavender Honey.

Wearing this polish color.  A light purple with a subtle sparkle.

True Story.

I’ve been in seriously clean-out and organization mode over here.  I found these silver lens sunnies that I’ve been wearing on the regular lately.  They’re a few years old, but still available here.

Wheeler’s class had Inventor Day.  She had to choose an inventor, research them and give a speech about them.  She was very proud to be Marie Curie.  Found the dress here and the little pins on her lapel here.  She holding a green rock (representing radium) and polorium.  Both elements Curie discovered.

On Friday, we had early dismissal, so I took the kids bowling.

But not before we popped into Verizon for Effie to get her new Gizmo watch.  Wheeler’s had one since last summer and I’ve absolutely loved it!  Since she doesn’t have a phone, only an iPod Touch, this helps me keep track of her as it has a built-in GPS and she can call up to 10 people she saves on her phone (we keep it to only family) and I can text her too.  There’s an app that I have on my phone to keep track of both of them.  It also has perks like steps tracking, ring tones, etc.  Now if I could only get them to wear it until they’re 25, I’ll be just fine.  Haha.

Wheeler insisted on bowling with the adults (no bumpers) for one game.  Well, at least she started off on a high note!

Lots of y’all asked about this top I wore out on Friday night.  Sadly, it’s a few years old from Anthro.

Told y’all, I’m all about the work-out clothes!  I’m obsessed with the fit and color of this one!  It’s so breathable too!  I went up a size on this one, like I do most of my Lulu.  I’m already considering another color.  Lots of colors available in this style.  I also had a lot of y’all ask about my lip gloss, I’m wearing this one in Bare Pink.

Hope y’all are having a great week!  It’s been freezing here, but we’ve been bearing it for now.  Just hoping it doesn’t last much longer!

Wanted to pop in and let y’all know that these cute coats are on MAJOR sale right now!  I went up a size for my girls, so they can wear them for longer.  They’re on sale with an additional 60% off!  Yes, you read that right!