Tuesday Trends: It’s Officially Summer!

How are you going to spend your first day of summer?  Hopefully, wearing your favorite Lilly!  Today is National Wear Your Lilly Day.  Can you believe they actually have a day for it?

Here are all the Lilly ladies looking colorful at the Lilly Pulitzer headquarters today!

I’ll be wearing my Emly Crew Dress, as I head to W’s three-year old check-up at the doctor today.  If you’re wearing Lilly today, let me know.  I’d especially love to know if you posted a pic of you in it, so I can head on over to your blog and check it out!  I’m always looking for new Lilly looks!  Also, will you be “checking in” to your favorite Lilly store?

Speaking of Lilly, I wore a simple, blue Heather tank and khakis for W’s third birthday, to match the minnies’ dresses.  It definitely helped beat the heat, and it allowed me to wear an accent necklace…in pink, of course, without getting too fussy for a fun occasion.  Pictured here with my sister, #4 of the 6.

It’s a super comfy, slub dress, and I just love the colors!
 Here’s the best pic I could get of it, in the car this morning…

I’m almost finished organizing the next giveaway.
As soon as the girls go down for naps this afternoon, I’ll be sure and post it!
Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: It’s Officially Summer!

  1. I missed the boat today, even though I received the email. Does wearing my Lilly watch count? 🙂

  2. You and your sister look just *darling* in that photo, and the one of you in the car is wonderful, what perfect colors on you! I'm wearing my Lilly polo!

    Happy Wear Lilly Day to you Miss SSP!

  3. Random question on an old post – do you find your slub dresses rather transparent? Do you wear a slip or anything? Trying to figure out what I could wear under neath without getting to hot. TY! Love the blog!!

    1. Hi Susan! I haven't found my sub dresses see-through, but I normally try to pick dresses that have darker prints, and stay away from lighter colors, because I could see how those could be transparent. If you're thinking it's too see through, I would rather not get it, rather than trying something under it, like a slip, way too hot for that in the summer!

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