Tuesday Trends 2: Posh Palm Web Design Giveaway!

Who’s in need of a blog makeover?  Well, if you’d love to win a free one, you’ve come to the right place!  The Posh Palm Website Design is THE place to get your blog made over.  They offer an array of custom and pre-made templates for you to choose from.  Seriously, The Posh Palm has so many choices in their portfolio that I love, but I could only choose just a few to showcase here, or I’d flood my post!  Click here to see more of their blog make-over portfolio, and take a look at the ones I have featured here:

Are they not impressive?  Not only are all the blog headers gorgeous and creative, The Posh Palm will work with you to custom-make your own, to fit your personality and style…or you can choose from one of their pre-made templates (these run between $20-$30).  Below are just some of the pre-made templates you can choose from, click here to see the rest.

They also have virtual staging available, so you can see a preview of what your blog would look like with different headers.

From The Posh Palm‘s website:

The Posh Palm is a full service boutique web and graphic design studio based in Florida.  Our main goal at Posh Palm is to design websites and blogs that are creative, one of a kind designs, site and blogs that stand out from all the others, and get your brand recognized.  We offer a full range of creative services to fit your business needs. From affordable pre-made ready to go web designs, to custom web site design, graphics and more. We love to collaborate with business owners to help realize their dream of having a website that defines their unique style. Whether you need a hip feminine e-commerce boutique or even a not so girly web design, we can help!  Want a website or a new blog design but not sure where to begin? Contact Posh Palm and let us walk you through the entire process.  All of our websites are hand coded HTML and are W3C validated.” 

Alright, now onto the good part.  The Post Palm is generously offering one Sweet Southern Prep reader a complete blog design makeover; included is a custom header, a new background and a new button design!

Here are the many ways you can enter the giveaway:
1 Entry:  Become a follower of Sweet Southern Prep (or let me know you already are)
Extra Entry:  Grab my button (or let me know you already have it)
Extra Entry:  Blog about the giveaway on your blog
Extra Entry:  “Like” The Posh Palm on Facebook
Extra Entry:  Tell me what you would change about your blog.
Extra Entry:  Tweet about the giveaway (make sure to tell me your name on Twitter)
Extra Entry:  Add my giveaway to your sidebar

An extra entry each for every time someone refers you in their comments, about how they found out about the giveaway (I’ll keep track of this.).  Endless entries!

Please let me know in ONE comment, how many entries you get.  The easiest way would be to list it on your comment, 1., 2., 3., etc in one comment box.  That would help organize it for me a great deal.  There are lots of ways to get extra entries.  The giveaway will end on Wednesday, July 6th, at 11:59pm.  I’ll choose a winner on Thursday, July 7th, and announce the winner the next day on Friday’s post.

Good luck, y’all!  And thanks again for reading!

42 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends 2: Posh Palm Web Design Giveaway!

  1. 1. I'm a follower of your blog and have been for awhile! 🙂
    2. I liked The Posh Palm Web Design on Facebook
    3. I really hope I win this giveaway because there a lot of things that I would like to change about my blog…I'm currently moving from South Carolina out to Colorado, and I still want to keep the pink & green, girly, preppy theme of my blog, however, I want to change it up a little bit and make it a little more modern, and I think it would be the perfect time with the move
    4. I tweeted about the giveaway and linked to this post! My Twitter name is @MrsGraybeal

  2. 1. I am already a follower of your blog
    2. I have your button on my blogs sidebar
    3. The one thing that I wish I could change about my blog is having more readers.

  3. 1. I'm a follower
    2. I'd love to re-vamp mine completely- I'm wanting to start writing more and it would give me an incentive to get others to check my blog out!

  4. Awesome giveaway! I would love a blog makeover!

    1. I am a follower!
    2. I have grabbed your button!
    3. I like Posh Palm Web Design on facebook!
    4. I would like a new, fresh look to my blog. Something that totally describes who I am!!

  5. 1) I am already a follower of Sweet Southern Prep!g
    2)I"Like" The Posh Palm on Facebook
    3) I would like a new background/banner in pink, red and turquoise.
    4)@kuwstella: Tweeted about the giveaway

  6. 1. I'm a follower!
    2. I like Posh Palm on facebook.
    3. You know mine needs a major overhaul!
    4. My twitter name is @ClassicAnnie and I tweeted!

  7. 1. Already a follower 🙂 because I love your blog (obviouslyy)
    2. I tweeted about the giveaway @ARomaniello.
    3. I would have it designed to mirror my new web site design.

  8. 1. I'm a follower of your blog!
    2. I tweeted about this contest @kellybelly04
    3. I would try to just overhaul my blog in general – I just started out and I'm still using the blogger templates!

  9. What a fabulous giveaway!!! I had Posh Palm re-design my blog … and it was fabulous working with her and she is one amazing artist!!

    She also did the button logo for my newest blog … ATTEATUDE and Chocolate!!

    Please don't count my comment for the give away , I just wanted to say how happy I was with Posh Palm!!! xo HHL

  10. Ooh great giveaway – thanks for the opportunity!

    1. I am a follower of your blog.
    2. I like the Posh Palm on FB.
    3. I would change the lack of design that my blog has lol. I paid a designer to give me a makeover and she took the money and ran before completion. As a result I was stuck with something I didn't like until I eventually updated the header on my own (and I am NO designer ha!).
    4. I tweeted from @jointhegossip: http://twitter.com/#!/jointhegossip/status/83298981702148096

  11. 1. I follow you
    2. I would create a button for my blog
    3. I liked them on Facebook.
    4. I added your giveaway to my sidebar.

    Might do some more when I get a chance. GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!

  12. Awesome giveaway! I'm FOLLOWING on GFC (Wanda).
    I'm curious though…does it matter if I have WordPress or not?
    I know it's a bit more complicated.

  13. This doesn't have to do with the amazing blog give away but just wanted to give y'all a heads up of the Splash of Pink sale; it starts tonight @ Midnight online!! 🙂 Get your Lilly @ a discounted price!

  14. Great giveaway!
    1. I'm a follower
    2. I blogged about your giveaway (legalpreppy.blogspot.com)
    3. I tweeted about your giveaway (@legalpreppy)
    4. I want a new header for my blog, and maybe a different background!

  15. AWESOME!! Love this giveaway! <3

    1. I am already a follower
    2. I already have your button
    3. I blogged about your giveaway
    4. I like Posh Palm Web Design on facebook
    5. I added your giveaway to my sidebar
    6. I would change my header, button design, and signature (instead of a background).
    7. I tweeted about the giveaway

    Link to my blog post!

    Link to my twitter

  16. 1. I'm a follower
    2. I have your button
    3. I would change my header, signature, and layout!
    4. I tweeted about the giveaway (pandgprep)

  17. 1. I am a new follower 🙂

    I found you through Preppy Wife Preppy Life!
    I would like to change the layout, signature, & header! I just have a generic layout that I found!

  18. 1. I'm a follower
    2. I liked the Posh Palm Web Design on facebook!
    3. I would change my layout!
    4. Tweeted about the giveaway (@justjessicaleig)

  19. 1. I'm now following! 🙂
    2. While my blog is called simple.chic + southern, I would love a little something more than my now simple design. Maybe add in a little chic and southern style while keeping it simple.

  20. Hi – Love this giveway!

    1. Am already a follower

    2. Liked Posh Palm on facebook

    3 I would mainly want to change my blog header – add graphics to make it more interesting – and add all the other goodies offered! I want to be able to add more gadgets, too

    4. Am posting your giveaway on my blog! :o)

    Thanks again! I hope I win!

    Have a great weekend and very happy Fourth!


  21. am sooo excited… just to have the chance to win a redesign.. I soooo need it! I am a GFC follower for a long time already!

    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  22. Extra entries: ( sorry if I didnt do this right!)
    am already a GFC follower! ~
    1. have your button on 2 of my blogs.
    2. liked POSH PALM on FB!
    3. I would change my whole design!..header, button , and all!

    thanks so much!

  23. Woops….messed up…was suppose to do it all in one post. Here goes.

    ~1. I am a follower.
    ~2. LIKED The Posh Palm on facebook.
    ~3. Would love a new header with ALL FIVE BABIES!

  24. 1. I am a follower ( All 3 of the "It's a Girl Thing" girls are!) 🙂

    2. We liked it on facebook

    3. We posted it to twitter ("PreppyKates")

    4. We would LOVE a new Blog header. We have been wanting a cool logo, and also think we need to expand into the Blogging world to reach a larger age range then our current tumblr acount!

    5. We will post a link on our Tumblr account!

  25. 1. I'm a Follower
    2. I liked Posh Palm on FB
    3. I need a new header because something big is going on in our life that we are about to announce…wink wink!

  26. 1. I'm a Follower
    2. I like the Posh Palm on FB
    3. I want a new header so badly because mine isn't centered and really isnt personalized

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