Monday Manners: Honor Your Father and Mother

Hope your weekend was lovely, ours was in a word: a whirlwind!  We celebrated W’s 3rd Birthday on Saturday, amidst a thunderstorm, went out to brunch for my Daddy’s Father’s Day on Sunday at delicious Red Rocks, and then celebrated my father-in-law at Pops in the Park (a picnic/symphony combo) last night.  All of us, including the hubs, slept in this morning until 9!?  We were all definitely in need of some much-needed rest!  The girls gave their daddy a new watch, which he loved…more classy than his bulkier Swiss Army one.

My Dad and Father-in-Law (taken last summer)
My Dad with W, last summer in the mountains, practicing their pastel skills.
My Father-in-Law with E, last summer at the beach.

My Father-in-Law and W, at the country club’s Fall Festival last September.

The hubs, with E, last fall at the park.

The hubs with W, relaxing before bedtime, watching some Dora last month.

All the men in my life are pretty amazing.
They each make me who I am today…
…well, with a little help from their wives.  🙂
Wimbledon starts today!  Will you be watching?  Since I love playing tennis (went 7 and 1 in my matches this spring season, thank you very much), I love to see the players duke it out on the court!  I especially love watching Andy Roddick, even made it to Wimbledon one year to see him play.  I know many love to see the latest fashion on the court, I do too, but I also love to see the Wimbledon towels the women use each year…especially when they’re pink!  This year, they’re extra special, marking the 125th Anniversary of Wimbledon.  They also make a great beach towel.  Here’s the Women’s 2011 towel, what do you think?
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I’m announcing another giveaway.
If you’ve been wanting a new makeover for your blog,
you’ll get your chance tomorrow!

Here’s a little preview of W’s 3rd Birthday…before the storm.

W’s dress is from this summer’s Lilly line (Little Lilly Shift in Beach Club Blue Take Me Away)

5 thoughts on “Monday Manners: Honor Your Father and Mother

  1. LOVE that little dress on W. Beach Club Blue Take me Away was one of my favorite prints for Summer. I have the women's shift that matches! We should do a big sale at Sugar around middle of July so I should save your size then if we still have it 🙂 That would be too cute!

  2. So many great pictures! Looks like you have some awesome men to lean on! I can't wait to hear about the giveaway. I love following your blog!

    p.s. I gave you an award in my post today! <3

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