Monday Manners: b and d

The ‘b’ and ‘d’
Hold up your fingers, like this:
At the table, you’ll never have to remember where your bread or drink is, ever again!  I know I always had a hard time remembering which bread plate was mine, but now I don’t have to.  Just hold up your fingers like this, or under the table so you don’t look silly at a formal dinner, and remember:  “b is for bread, on your LEFT” and “d is for drink, on your RIGHT.”  That’s pretty neat, isn’t it?
Have a Happy Meal!

4 thoughts on “Monday Manners: b and d

  1. Unless the person to your left forgets which bread plate is his, and eats yours. Then you have no choice but to eat the bread on your right! It can be a vicious cycle. 🙂

  2. Oh my word, so funny you posted this – my husband does this and tells other guys about it all of the time! 🙂

  3. Oh, and thank you for your sweet words regarding the recent passing of my grandfather, I really appreciated them. 🙂

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