Tuesday Trends: Easter Candy

Had my first Cadbury egg of the season!  Yummy!  I know, they’re so fattening, but who can resist that chocolaty, creamy goodness?  I usually give up chocolate for Lent, but this year I didn’t, so it’s weird eating them before Easter.  The little egg is usually my reward for holding out on chocolate for that long.  🙂  If you’re a fan, try putting them in the refrigerator first.  I think they’re even tastier, cold!
Some Cadbury facts:  They started making them in Cadbury, England in 1923.  They now make over 200 million of them a year!  And there is even a Cadbury factory in New Zealand?!  
Now, I’ve just got to get my hands on some yellow Peeps, and I’ll be satisfied.  
For fun, try putting your little Peep in the microwave for about thirty seconds or so.  Watch him grow like three times his size, but don’t worry, when you take him out, he’ll return to normal.
Hope you get to enjoy a sugar high at least once this Easter season!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Easter Candy

  1. I like Cadbury eggs, but my absolute Easter favorite are the Reese Cup eggs – yum! And thanks for the tip on microwaving the Peeps – I bought a package for my little girl's Easter basket and I'm sure she will love to see one in the microwave! 🙂

  2. ashley, don't tempt me like this! i can't believe my european easter will include a visit to rome but no peeps. maybe i'll be able to find them somewhere here?!!! enjoy a few on my behalf 🙂

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