Fresh Brownies Giveaway

No, unfortunately I’m not giving away fresh brownies.  But FORTUNATELY you can enter Fresh Brownies‘ blog giveaway to win a set of 4 OPI nail polishes.  They’re perfect for spring – especially Charged Up Cherry.  It reminds me of Strawberry Margarita.  And check out her blog, I love it!

Good luck!

One thought on “Fresh Brownies Giveaway

  1. Thanks for letting me know about this! Just became a follower. And yeah, it would have been fun to play the challenging way. And NO, I didn't quit half-way through any games… he didn't quite make me mad enough… but we did get into a fight over the difference between a goatee and a beard! I don't think we were ever that nitpicky when we played! Haha.

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