Maine: Day 3 – Cadillac Mountain + Thunder Hole + Beale’s Lobster Pier

We got up super early on Sunday to watch the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain.  You have to get special tickets and they sell out quickly each morning, but we were in luck!

The sunrise was breathtaking!

It’s the first place in the United States to see the sunrise.  It started rising around 5:20am.

Top // Leggings // Shoes

So thankful the weather was perfect for it!

Logan’s Shirt

It was definitely chilly, but totally worth it!

We had pretty much blueberry everything while we were in Maine and it was all delicious!

We loved this ice cream shop that was down the street from where we stayed.

We stopped in here a few times.

Sweatshirt // Sunnies

And tried lots of different flavors.

The girls and I also enjoyed The Harbor Bar Restaurant.

The most amazing parfait!

I could’ve spent all day taking photos of everything.

We climbed up on the rock at Thunder Hole, had a packed lunch and waited for the tide to come in.  If the waves are just right, the waves roll in to a certain spot and it makes a loud rumbling sound like thunder.  I remember seeing this many years ago, so I was eager for them to witness it.  But unfortunately, the waves that day weren’t big enough so while the tide came in, it wasn’t enough to hear the rumble.  There’s always another trip…

The water was so cold and refreshing while we were here.  Much like the waters when we went rafting on the Nantahala.

This is the hill we always walked down to go into town each day.

On Sunday evening, we headed to Beale’s Lobster Pier for more lobster.  There was a long line, but like the host told us, it goes quickly.  And he was right.  Plus, there’s a makeshift bar next to the line so you can step out and get drinks and get back in line.

I went here almost 20 years ago and nothing much has changed.  I was surprised at how much I could remember from the last time I was here.

In lobster heaven!

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