Maine: Day 2 – MDI Lobster Co for Lunch + Jordan Pond Hike + Sand Bar to Bar Island

I loved our little cottage.  It had a turret with a circular bay window seating and the kids loved hanging out here.  The girls taught the boys how to play the card game Spit and there were lots of games played.

I told y’all we loved MDI Lobster Co.  Every time we went, we felt like we had the place to ourselves.

With all the lobster we ate, I’m going to be honest and tell you it wasn’t cheap, but we knew that going into this trip.  But this tray called “The Board” was a steal!  All of this was included here, including two extra sides.

We had enough leftover for dinner that night.

Wheeler loves her lobster rolls!

And Logan was so excited they had corn!

Not sure how Vaughn saw this little guy, but he ran in to tell the people working there that there was snake near the entrance.

We took a carriage trail hike to Jordan Pond House.  It was about a mile and a half and the kids still insisted on wearing their Natives and Crocs since they were in the water so much.  But they never seemed to have any trouble with blisters the entire trip.  Still find that hard to believe.

This place hasn’t changed at all in almost 20 years.  We’d hoped to get the famous popovers, but decided against it since it was about to close and the kids just wanted to be closer to the water.

So it’s known as Bar Harbor because of the sand bar that connects Bar Harbor to Bar Island at low tide.  This was the day before at high tide.  Bar Island is behind us.

This is Bar Island (behind Wheeler) at low tide.  So cool right?  We couldn’t believe how low the tide gets.  That’s Effie and Vaughn in the background looking for crabs.

These waterproof sandals were awesome on this trip.  Wore them so much.  This color is sold out everywhere even on their main site, but I found them available in all sizes here.  They fit true to size.

Still amazes me that he can catch these guys with his bare hands!

In his happy place.

So the cool thing on Bar Island is that everyone creates these rock towers everywhere.  Wish I’d taken a photo of all of them.  This one was Logan’s.

Love the final pebble at the top.

You can see a lot of the rock towers around Wheeler.

We loved being on the more remote side of Southwest Harbor, but the kids honestly loved this sand bar.  If we traveled back I could say they’d easily love being closer to the town of Bar Harbor and exploring this area more.  It’s a little more touristy, but just being on this little sand bar and exploring Bar Island, they would’ve loved it.  Southwest Harbor is about 30min from the town of Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island.  We never noticed the length of time because of how beautiful the drive was everywhere we traveled.

Another amazing day in Maine.  I was going back and forth on if I regretted not keeping up with these blog posts while we were on the trip, but I have to say I’m loving writing them after and remembering instead.  We’ve only been back a week or so and it’s already bringing back so many memories.  I kept up blog posts till we got to Kingston (Day 3?) and since then, it’s all been written from photos and my memory.