First Day of School!

Today was their first day of school!

So grateful to have early risers!

And they were all in good moods this morning.

Wheeler will start high school.  She’s got her permit and has already taken her driving class and loves to practice driving.  She’ll continue piano and tennis and still enjoys her friends and youth group.  She’s a little sad since a lot of her friends will be going to another school, but I have no doubt she’ll find ways to keep in touch with them and make new ones this vear too.  She is such a great example to her siblings and has an awe-inspiring love of learning.  Praying she has teachers this year that will keep that spark alive.  It’s going to be a big adjustment with just how large and busier everything will be, but l’m trusting in Him that the school will make her feel welcome and comfortable.

Effie will continue theater in her troupe’s Senior Company which will require more hours of technique and rehearsals, but she is so excited!  She really wanted to continue piano and tennis, but sadly there’s just not enough time to fit it all in.  So she had to stop piano, but on the days when she’s not rehearsing, she wants to continue tennis.  She’ll also start Confirmation at church.

Logan will start middle school!  He’s a little nervous to switch classes, but thankfully Effie will be there.  She’s already insisted on walking him to class on the first day and showing him where to go… although he insists he already knows.  Love his confidence.  He’s going to try and follow in his sisters’ footsteps and try out chorus. I’d say he loves to sing, but let’s be real, he’s really doing it for all the fun trips.  This year he changed what he wants to be when he grows up from something other than NASCAR.  Not sure if this is a serious turn or he’s just really excited to start back tennis.

This will be Vaughn’s first year not having a sibling with him at school, but I know he’ll be fine.  He’ll continue tennis, with his true love being nature, animals, anything outside and hanging with friends.  Hoping he’ll be eager to knock out his schoolwork quickly so he’ll have plenty of time to enjoy that ever afternoon.

Yesterday, we celebrated the last day of summer break with a trip to one of our favorite spots – Taco Boy.

To my mental therapist, actress, tennis player and marine biologist – praying these four have the best first dav!  Here’s to a fresh new start and exciting new beginnings!