Wednesday Whereabouts

If this kid isn’t a scuba diver, astronaut or oceanographer when he grows up, I’ll be so surprised.  Here enjoying some down time watching National Geographic with Jeff Corwin.  I have to admit, I actually love the show too.  Had to snap this pic because those chubby little hands, holding up that sweet cherub face and those cheeks and eyelashes melt me.  Even though he’s 3, he’s still my sweet little baby.

Soup and and a shrimp blt at Cru last week.  You must try it for lunch.  This was the first time I’ve been here for lunch and I was surprised at just how packed it was, and even in February.  Loved the view, getting to see all the food being cooked and served.  The only problem was I wanted everything they were prepping.

Last Wednesday night, I went out with some girlfriends.  It ended up being such a late night, but so much fun.  Again wearing this Mara Dress, and these grey Rag & Bone Booties.  I really could wear these booties everyday.  If you’re deciding on a pair, make sure and go up a half-size because they run a tad bit small.  The dress runs a little big, but I still went with my regular size, and have been wearing it often since I got it back before Thanksgiving.  Can’t wait until spring when it starts getting warmer and I can wear it by itself without a cardigan or jacket over it.

A few more of my sweet little Valentine’s from the kids. // Barrington Gifts Monogrammed Tote

Helping host Wheeler’s Valentine’s Class Party.

Off to Garth Brooks on Friday night.

He never disappoints.  It was an AWESOME concert!!  Played mostly all of his old songs and everyone sang along. 
 On Saturday, we went to the Southeastern Wildlife Expedition (SEWE) here in town.  The kids had the best time!  Different events are held around town.  We chose Marion Square and Brittlebank Park to visit.  At Marion, they watched a puppet show, saw and tried to pet so many dogs, and jumped in the jumpy houses.  We attempted to wait in line to do the trampolines for the girls, but the line ended up being just too long for our crew.
 They LOVED the puppet show!
One very happy puppy!
 Next, we headed to Brittlebank via shuttle (school buses – check out Monday’s post to see how excited they were about riding on a school bus!).  We had to keep reminding Vaughn not to touch some of the animals.  He wanted to hug this falcon so bad!
 They called this one a “reindeer.”
 I was laughing at something.  Who knows.
 One of my sisters and her boyfriend were in town for the event.  The past few years their dog Sadie has jumped in the Dock Dogs Competition, but didn’t this year.  How sweet is that puppy Effie got to hold??
 While most people weren’t as bundled up as we were, it was in the high 40’s and I wasn’t taking any chances of my kids getting sick.  And from our experience last year here, the wind off the water is always freezing this time of year.
 One very happy girl getting to ride around on a camel!
 I think their favorite part was feeding the animals at the petting zoo.  Or in Vaughn’s case, letting the animals feed themselves.  Ha!
 Wheeler feeding her favorite, the sheep.
Vaughn’s favorite, kissing all of the animals within reach.
Resting it up on the way back downtown.
 You would think that the kids would’ve been worn out after such a fun-filled, busy day, but these were taken at the end of our evening.  I think it’s safe to say, they had a BLAST!

Church-bound in our festive pinks and reds!
 At church we watched my friend’s daughter get baptized.  All four of mine have been baptized.  Such a great reminder on the first Sunday of Lent and Valentine’s Day that we are sealed by God’s spirit…
…and that this sweet little girl is now our sister in Christ.
 While the other kids were exhausted and all napped on Sunday afternoon, Effie headed off to Sky Zone to a birthday party.  I think she was just a little excited!!
 Since it rained for much of Monday, Lanier suggested we go to see the new Star Wars movie.  I’m so protective of what my children watch that I was definitely apprehensive at first.  I also wasn’t expecting all of them to sit in their seats for over two hours.
 But you know what?  They loved it.  And since they made it through the movie without snacks or bathroom breaks, we rewarded them with popcorn after the movie.  Whatever works!  Lanier and I enjoyed it too.  For us, it was so cool to see so many of the old Star Wars actors back in it.  I’m not a Star Wars buff by any means, but I’ve seen all the movies and know most of the story lines, but it’s been years and years since I’ve seen any of them.
 That afternoon, the girls headed off to a party to celebrate their buddy, Sterling.
Girls’ Dresses are by Lilly Pulitzer (most recent prints available here) // Pink Boots // Silver Boots
 After Effie’s eye appointment on Tuesday morning, she’ll soon be wearing glasses everyday.
 I wear contacts everyday, so I already know the feeling she is going to get when she puts on her new glasses for the first time.  What a crisp, clear, beautiful view!  Can’t wait!
 My little lunch date at Taco Boy.  I swear I eat here at least once a week!
The weather was absolutely beautiful on Tuesday afternoon.  We spent most of our time outside until the sun had set.  Can’t wait for more days like this soon!
Still pretty sad about the Tarheels losing last night against Duke.  But earlier in the day, the girls sure loved cheering for them!

Yesterday morning, I played in my first official tennis match in over three years.  It felt so good to get back at it again.  Yesterday was a make-up match, but today is our regular match.  Excited that I get to play again, and so soon!  If you’re a tennis fan, I recently got this tennis bag and used it yesterday for the first time.  Loved how many pockets are on the inside.  I’m even considering getting it monogrammed. // ‘Happy Camper’ Sweatshirt (almost sold out!)
For more details on what I wore this past week, check out Monday’s post, in case you missed it.
Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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  1. Could you possibly find out who makes the brown suede boots your friend is wearing? I have a pair like that from Banana that are my favorite but after 5 or so seasons they have seen better days. Thanks!!

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