Wednesday Whereabouts: Weekend Re-Cap

Two Fridays ago, W and I headed over to the local university’s showing of Rapunzel.  Based on the photos, can you tell W had a good time?
Before the show…
 Sitting on the stage with her friends, after the show.
 Meeting Rapunzel, and the rest of the cast.
Getting all of their autographs.
 Little L decided to join us at the table, last Friday night.  He usually chills in his umbrella stroller when we go out to eat, but this time, he wanted to try out a highchair, and boy, did he enjoy the scenery.
P.S. If you’re in the Charlotte area, head to Midwood Smokehouse.  They have the best menu I’ve seen in a long time.  Still can’t decide what was better, the jalapeƱo queso topped with shredded barbecue or the bacon wrapped jalapeƱos…
On Saturday night, we headed to a housewarming party for our friends that just built an amazing house in Dilworth.  Still dreaming about the pocket doors, open floor plan and ginormous kitchen…  W said her favorite part was surfing (aka The Slip N’ Slide).  Can you tell E was having a blast too?
After two days at the pool, the kiddos and I are off to run some errands, and deliver a dinner to a friend that just had the sweetest baby boy last week.  I got to love on the little guy a day after he was born.  A true miracle every time a child is born.  How precious is he???

In case you’re interested, Lilly Pulitzer South Park will have their Summer Sidewalk Sale, starting tomorrow morning!  It will run through Sunday.

Hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: Weekend Re-Cap

  1. Okay I have been thinking about picking up a slip and slide and that picture just sealed the deal! The Rapunzel show looks fun!

  2. I am headed to Charlotte today to see my daughter. Maybe we will go to Midwood Smokehouse, sounds yummy! Thanks.

  3. Thanks for all of the Charlotte tips! I live near SouthPark and will be checking out the Lilly sale as well as Midwood Smokehouse. Jalapeno queso!? YUM.

  4. Love you are from Charlotte!!! Will have to check out the Lilly sale and the restaurant for sure… what area is it in? And a house in dilworth sounds quite lovely, that's a fantastic area… Love the homes near freedom park.

    1. Oh okay awesome!! I will have to convince the Fiance' that there are places to go outside of southpark where we're at! And Central is where the Penguin is right? That area?

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