Tuesday Trends: JV Clothiers, Team Cruisey, Baublebar and Stylemint

Debordieu, August 2009

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!  Needless to say, after reading the post title, I have lots to share with you!  Our summer social calendar has been super busy, and on top of that, the hubs and I decided to clean out the basement last week (yes, over the holiday!), repaint the floor and walls, and get rid of some of our much-needed junk down there.  But we’re finally finished, and what a world of a difference it’s made.  I’d say I’d show you a before photo, but I’m too embarrassed.  I’ll try and get an after photo for y’all,  soon!

How cute is this little tike?  And this one?
JV Clothiers is my newest sponsor, and I’m so glad to feature them on SSP!  Here’s a little bit about their company, from their website…
JV Clothiers was started by two moms and two dads who wanted more for their sons in terms of collegiate wear.  Both boys had jerseys supporting their favorite teams, but high-quality, “preppy” attire beyond jon-jons could not be found.
That was when the light bulb went off. While looking for collegiate apparel (preppy shorts, polo shirts, and belts) for our toddlers we always hit a dead end.  It didn’t take long before our entrepreneurial spirit swept in to transform our frustrations into a business opportunity.  
Like many business ideas, JV Clothiers was hatched over a casual meal.  What started as a Friday lunch at a Lafayette, LA restaurant staple, morphed quickly into a full-fledged business meeting complete with a “pie in the sky” idea for a boys’ clothing line that would produce high-end university logo apparel to fill a void in the collegiate apparel market.
By week’s end with an LLC formed, a tax identification number obtained, and a website domain purchased, JV Clothiers was officially “in business.”

I’m thinking Little L will definitely be owning some pieces from JV Clothiers, and the hubs will be all over it.  Go Dawgs!  Look for a giveaway closer to football season.  They’ve also informed me that they’ll be adding new colleges to the site, soon!  Feel free to click here, and request your school today!

I go this innovative little coozie (aka The Cruisey) in the mail yesterday from Team Cruisey.  They pride themselves on being able to carry your drink hands free on a boat, on the water, on the dock, etc., but I’m thinking I could use this in my own backyard.  With three kids, I can probably get away with carrying Little L, and hold my drink at the same time.  And that little strap will be perfect for Little L’s budding teeth.
Click here and order yours today.  Only $5!
Custom Cruiseys are also available for any event, just click here to email them.

In keeping with the turquoise and pink theme, like the Cruisey, my Baublebar Elsa Peony Necklace arrived yesterday, and I’m in LOVE with it.  Personally, I think it’s the perfect pink color, and will go with most colors in my wardrobe.  I’ve paired it here with my latest Stylemint purchase, the Andy Tank.  It’s the softest top, and a perfect shirt to beat the summer heat!  My favorite part is the back, seen here…

If you’re unfamiliar with Stylemint…every month, you get a new selection of tops to choose from.  There’s never an obligation to make a purchase, ever, unless you forget to click “Skip” in the first five days of the month.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever skipped a month, but it’s nice that I have the option, if I want to.

Here are my next two Baublebar pieces, headed to my door soon…  I’m not kidding when I say Baublebar‘s jewelry is addicting.  You just can’t beat the great prices.  And the variety of collections and pieces is hard to find anywhere else!

I know I posted about the Noble House Designs pieces featured on Baublebar here, but I finally made a decision on this one, the Quartz Coral Collar.  Love the lavender and orange together.

I had Carolina on my mind when I picked this bangle, the Blue Fish Cuff.  I think it will be a great blue to wear, when cheering on my Tarheels!

I had a hard time deciding between the fish bangle and this one, the Blue Petal Cuff.  If you’re wanting one of the above two choices, the second bangle is available now, the first one is wait listed.

Alright, one more thing before I head off to the pool…

Go get some of these shorts!  Only $20, currently at Old Navy.  I snagged the orange sailboats and the black and white polka dots, but they’re all super cute.

My grandfather makes the BEST cheese straws.  Here are the girls scarfing them down at my parents’ house last week.  They literally finished the entire container he labeled “W + E” in about five minutes!  I asked W if I could have one and she said, “No, Mama, your name is not on it.  It says “W + E.”
Gee, thanks.
Hope y’all have a wonderful Tuesday!

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: JV Clothiers, Team Cruisey, Baublebar and Stylemint

  1. I cannot get enough necklaces right now. Both of these are so lovely. Cute tank! I haven't ordered anything from Stylemint, but have seen a lot of stuff I like.

  2. Got the black and white polka dots myself-LOVE them! I need one of those coozies, however, we call them huggies 🙂
    Loving that purple and gold!
    And baublebar, I can never say enough good things about them…

  3. I guess you saw my post. I just got that same elsa necklace. Loved it the first time you showed it on your blog, but didn't need coral or turq…so, trusting your instincts on this one. I also got your fish cuff for big Faye (she is a pisces) and I got a bright yellow sunburst got me. Great site!

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