Wednesday Whereabouts + Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Details

This past week we tried to soak up as much summer fun as we could!  Cannot even believe school starts back tomorrow.  Of course I waited until the last minute to order the boys’ bookbags, but thankfully they arrive today!  Got them here.

The kids have been begging me all summer to go to Charleston Fun Park, so we finally got the chance to go.  I wanted to wait until I had help.  Don’t think I could’ve conquered that place with four.  Thankful my inlaws were in town last week for a few days and helped me divide and conquer.  We even managed to squeeze in a round of putt-putt before the torrential rain.

My dad (left), my father-in-law (right) and Lanier all have birthdays within two weeks of each other this month and next, so I got them tickets to golf commentator Dave Feherty’s Off Tour Show. // My light pink eyelet dress is on sale!  Paired it with these sandals.

He was hilarious, as we expected him to be.  He had everyone laughing so hard.  Such a fun night!

His show was at Charleston Music Hall.  One of my favorite places to watch shows here in Charleston.  Located on John Street, right off King Street.

For our last weekend to soak up summer, we spent it on the water.  Effie loved our friends’ new puppy, Bruno.  Then again, she loves all dogs.  Such an animal lover. // Effie’s Suit

Wheeler and Effie have been so good at taking care of our friends’ younger children on the boat all summer.  Makes me so proud.  Love that they’re always happy to help.

My sweet Logan Bear.  Cannot believe he’ll be leaving for Kindergarten tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be very bittersweet day, to say the least.  But I know they’re going to love it!

My tribe in their happy place.

Best Buds.

Proving that you don’t need toys, shovels, or buckets for some fun…but other times you do.  This day they were content just playing in the sand.

I’ve come to realize very quickly that Charleston is a small town.  No matter which beach or island we pick whenever we head out, we always run into friends. // Cover-Up // Sunnies

On Monday night, we took the boys to meet their teachers at school.  Some of y’all asked where Logan got his shirt.  I got it for him from Crewcuts here. // Effie’s floral flip flops are from here and on sale.

Wore this dress and actually decided against these wedges to pair with it and went with these flip flops instead, since it had just rained.

Tennis started back this week and I’m so excited!  Some of y’all asked on Instastories about my tennis bag.  You may remember I recently got this new navy one that I Ioved so much.  Talk about all the bells and whistles!  And seeing as I only get a new tennis bag once every five years or so, I wanted to make sure it was a good one.  Well, scratch that.  I had to toss that one.  Check out the end of this post from last week as to why I did.  But I was happy to get a new one, and this one is just as AMAZING!  My ruffle tennis shoes are back in stock in all sizes!

The girls went to a tennis camp yesterday morning while I played and they absolutely loved it!  Next year, I’m going to sign them up for a week.

We hit up Taco Boy for lunch afterward.  They just added these rice bowls to their menu and they’re sooo good!  This one was topped with tempura shrimp, cabbage and Thai chili sauce.

Lanier has a fishing tournament on Friday and Saturday.  The kids loved watching him perfect his casting skills…even Boozer.

I rarely ever play tennis twice in one day, but this week two teams I’m on overlapped.  So I played a match last night too.  Thankfully I wasn’t too tired and we pulled out a win!  Just got this new green tennis grip.  Love the color!  My tennis dress is sold out, but I love this dress too and many of the colors are on sale!  Ruffle Tennis Shoes – back in stock in all sizes!

Last night, I took Wheeler and Effie to meet their new teachers.  Cannot believe Wheeler will be in the THIRD grade!?  Time so down, please!  Some of you mentioned that she looks tall to be going into third grade.  She was a summer baby, so she did kindergarten at an accredited half-day program in Charlotte and then went to kindergarten again at a full day school.  It was a tough decision, but we’re so happy with our decision!

Matching in Our Lilly

I hope she’ll let me keep matching with her in our Lilly as she gets older…every once in awhile at least. // My Top // Shorts (on sale) // Her Dress

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Details

Now the big question I’ve been getting asked a lot lately, as I’m usually the first one to tell you when it begins – when will the Lilly sale happen this year?  It will NOT be this Monday, as it’s usually been in years past.  I’m still confirming details (my sources are usually tips from my readers, so if anyone knows anything, I’m all ears!).

I hope y’all are having a great week!  Wish me luck tomorrow, sending ALL FOUR off to school together!  I’m sure I’ll be the one bawling my eyes out next to you at the traffic light.  And if it’s not me, it’s probably another parent that’s going through the same transition.  Why does life have to go by so fast?  Cherish those special moments though – even the bittersweet ones.

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  1. I got a ton of stuff at the last Lilly sale thanks to your posting, so I’m excited for the news!

  2. The After Party Sale will be on the 28th! I shopped at Lilly today and this was the 411 from the manager:)

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