Life Lately + Back to School + Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Date

Wheeler – 3rd Grade

Effie – 2nd Grade

Logan – Kindergarten

Vaughn – Pre-K

All the kiddos had a great time on their first day of school!  First Mom Fail of the school year started on the first day of school.  I brought Vaughn to his classroom thinking it was his first day too, but he doesn’t actually start until NEXT Thursday!  And Logan’s bookbag hadn’t arrived in the mail yet, so he used this paperbag.  Haha.

Celebrating with friends after their first day of school!

The next day Logan was all set with his brand new bookbag.  Many of you asked about which size this was.  It’s a large.

Wore this new bikini top at a pool party the day before school started.  Love the color!  My bottoms are from here.

A little too bright, but Logan always insists on taking a picture in front of what movie we see.  Over the weekend it stormed a little on Saturday afternoon, so we headed out to watch a movie.  They loved Nut Job 2.  I was just glad it was a short movie.

We celebrated Lanier’s 38th birthday on Saturday evening.  He competed in a two-day fishing tournament on Friday and Saturday.  No luck with catching mackerels, but they had a great time and caught a few barracudas. // My Sunnies (It’s hard to tell here, but I love these because the frames are matte and not shiny.)

Still loving this pom-pom cover-up!

We ended the weekend hanging out with good friends!  Their chicken fights were hilarious!

Little Lilly Shifts

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Update

Thanks so much for so many of you contacting me about the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!  The official start date will be next Monday, August 28th!  If you’ve never shopped the sale before it’s AMAZING!  The prices can’t be beat!  I’ll be providing you with lots of details as the week goes on, so stay tuned!  Loving this dress that I wore last week.  It’s the Jane Dress that I rave about so much, in a pretty new blue print!

I hope everyone has the best time finding the perfect spot to watch the eclipse today!  Charleston is in the blue line, so we’re pretty excited about that.  We know we want to take the boat out, just not quite sure where we’ll end up depending on how busy the water is.  Just hoping everyone stays safe!  And I hope the weather is clear wherever you’re watching it!  And whatever you do, don’t stare at it!  So paranoid about my kids looking at it!

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