Wednesday Whereabouts: Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day!

Happy First Day of Summer!  Did y’all wear your Lilly?  After the pool today, the kids and I managed to make it over to South Park Mall, and swung by the Lilly Pulitzer store there.  It was so fun to see everyone wearing their Lilly in the store today.  I just love shopping at the store there.  The employees are always so happy and welcoming.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and accidentally left my phone in the car, so I didn’t get a pic of the store, or the girls in their Lilly shifts.

Did you know that if you wear Lilly to your favorite Lilly store today, you receive a free gift, and with ANY purchase, you receive another gift?  Here’s what I got…

While at the mall, I dropped by the Gap and picked up these tops…they’re not on sale online, but at my store, they were only $11.99 a pop.

The pink went really well with my yellow bubble necklace.

And I couldn’t resist this dress.  Go Tarheels!  They seem to be sold out online of the smaller sizes, but I may see if they can call around to other stores.  I’d love the green one too!

Happy Summering, Y’all!
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11 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts: Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day!

  1. Ashley, I've been following your blog for a bit and love that you are a fellow Charlottean. I didn't get to wear any Lilly to work, silly BofA corporate attire! And didn't know about the give away… however I saw your blog and threw some on and ran to southpark, (I live across the street) sadly they had run out of everything. I wish I could of gone earlier lucky lady! It is a wonderful store though, and My Fiance did get me a pair of shorts as a condolence prize :).

  2. Thanks for sharing the Charlotte-specific shopping news! I live near South Park and could always use a good reason to pop into the mall. 🙂

  3. I work at the Lilly South Park store and we had so much fun seeing everyone in their Lilly yesterday! Your daughters (& son!) were absolutely precious! Love your Gap finds–I'll have to go check it out!

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