Tuesday Trends: How Will You Wear Your Lilly?

Tomorrow is National Wear Lilly Day!  What will you be wearing?
Last year, I wore this…
…and posted about it HERE.

I’m thinking that since I’ll be at the pool for most of the day tomorrow, I’ll be wearing something like this…

…and dreaming that I’d ever look this good in it.
Enter to win, HERE.
Just came home from seeing a performance of Guys and Dolls.  Super talented performers!  If you’re in the Charlotte area, you should check it out.  Click HERE for tickets and showings.
Happy First Day of Summer Eve!  It’s about time!

One thought on “Tuesday Trends: How Will You Wear Your Lilly?

  1. I'm actually in the middle of choosing between two Roslyn skirts – Starry Blue Cherry Bomb or Lilly's State of Mind. Decisions, decisions…Happy (almost) first day of summer!


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