Thirsty Thursday: A Distillery, Tory Burch and Lilly!

The bridge over the river, with my dad and sister #6.

While visiting Greenville, SC last weekend for my cousin’s wedding, my family and I had some down time to hang out in town on Saturday.  My dad and the hubs headed to of all things a distillery, conveniently on the main street of town.  After bringing back a bag of two different kinds, they asked my mom and I to come back and have a look at the place.  It was such a neat concept, and they distilled it right in the shop!

From their site
What happens when two entrepreneurial electrical engineers drink beer and whiskey over a hot meal? DARK CORNER DISTILLERY is born! With recent state micro distillery legislation being passed, it was a no brainer that founders Joe Fenten and Richard Wenger jump in feet first to become involved in the micro distilled spirits renaissance taking place across America and bring it home to Greenville, SC. 
The spirits industry in general is dominated by a few distilleries who mass produce products that flood the market with industrial grade lower quality spirits. DARK CORNER was conceived to be different, to use quality ingredients and produce spirits in time tested ways that allow the natural flavors to come through.  We may never dominate the shelves but we will always be true to the craft of our ancestors and true to our customers.
Our mission is to produce high quality spirits in the tradition of our ancestors, preserve local heritage and history, and support environmental sustainability. Below are the things that have helped us succeed in our mission.

① We designed and built our own equipment to guarantee authenticity.
② We use the best tasting water in America in all of our recipes.
③ We have a retail store and mini museum to showcase history and heritage.
④ We donate our spent grains to local meat processor.
⑤ We donate our methanol by-products to local bio diesel distillery.
⑥ We have a recycled bottle program that rewards the customer.
We ended up with the Honeysuckle Moonshine.  My mom’s face says it all!
If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely check them out!

Has anyone checked out Tory Burch‘s summer sale, that started today?  I picked up this ensemble for $80 off!

And here’s an added tip, if you want it shipped for free, go to her Facebook Shop, and order it there.  It takes you to the regular Tory Burch site when you check out, minus the $10 shipping fee.
I feel like Lilly Pulitzer has been a hot topic this week, and how fitting that my agenda from Lifeguard Press arrived yesterday, on National Wear Your Lilly Day!  I’m loving everything about it!

Can’t wait to use mine, come August!
Go get yours HERE!

And while we’re on the subject, I thought I’d throw a Lilly-themed giveaway!  I know many of you didn’t get a chance to get to a Lilly store yesterday, you may not live near one, or the extra goodies may have run out at your local store.  So, I’ve decided to give my goodies away to you!  Leave a comment here.  I’ll give the first winner the earrings and the second winner, the frame.

The giveaway will end on Monday, June 25th, at midnight.
Good luck!
Couldn’t leave y’all without a photo of the girls. W finished her swimming lessons today, and was awarded ice cream!  They were in heaven…especially when it was 96 degrees out!!

71 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: A Distillery, Tory Burch and Lilly!

  1. Hey lady, count me in!! i totally forgot about nwyld due to having a teaching workshop this week:( and i totally missed out on the sale with these earrings. *fingers crossed*

    i just got my agenda in you gotta regotta, and i LOVE it:)

  2. What a kind blogger 🙂 I didn't have a chance to stop in my store yesterday, but I was wearing Lilly at the office!!

  3. I want that Lilly planner but my current planner doesn't end until December.

    Your girls are too cute in their suits

  4. love those earrings! i was hoping to drop by my local lilly store but was stuck at home sick! i did get to celebrate lilly yesterday though, i wore my favorite dress to school in the morning, and a lilly inspired sorority shirt for the rest of the day while i was at home resting! hopefully i will win these earrings :)!

  5. My daughter loves Lilly! Not to many places around here to find it. I'm headed to the sale you mentioned above right now. We may not have a store…but I can do it thru the internet! Hope to win one of the two for my daughter!

  6. I can honestly say I think I was the only person in Syracuse, New York wearing Lilly yesterday…but I'm proud of it! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  7. You are so so sweet! Both goodies are adorable! I'd love either :)!!! Since learning you live in Charlotte you always remind me of the lovely and sweet Myers Park Moms I looked up to when I went to Queens! xo!

  8. couldn't love this giveaway more…. crossing my fingers it will be my first "win" because either product would be amazing! My agenda arrived today from lifeguard press (I am now addicted to that store) and I have already begun organizing it!! xo

  9. Tried to make it into a Lilly store and couldn't fit it in around the baby's naps! You're so kind to share yours. Don't worry, the whole family still wore Lilly in celebration (even my husband).

  10. Looking at your photos of the distillery makes me miss SC so much! The Army just moved my husband and I from Greenville to Colorado and unfortunately there are no Lilly stores even remotely close. I would love the earrings so much!

  11. No Lilly store in Knoxville, TN but I did wear Lilly! Your girls are precious. The little girl I babysit just turned 4 so she and W are about the same age!

  12. Thanks for the giveaway! Didn't get to a Lilly store with overload of work due to a colleague leaving and instead of wearing Lilly for National Lilly Day, I am today instead:)

  13. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! So glad you were able to visit Greenville and enjoyed it. We certainly have a gem here in the Upstate! 😉

  14. I can't wait for my planner to come in, I've been anxiously listening for the mailman everyday! Love both the little giveaway things, Lilly does it again 🙂

  15. Love the earrings! I can't decide which agenda pattern to get this time around…they are all so cute! 🙂

  16. Hooray for Greenville! Next time you are here, check out the Nose Dive, my brother-in-law is the Executive Chef.
    Fun giveaway!

  17. I just ordered my new planner in Dirty Shirley and would love to win one of those items. Thank you.

    Love your girls in their swimsuits with popsicles!

  18. The earrings are so pretty! I have to order my planner soon, can't decide if I should get the large one you got or a smaller one! Love your blog 🙂

  19. Was on vacay in Wyoming so no Lilly there! Would love to win one of those! Of course I do need to visit the new Lilly store in Atlanta!

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