Wednesday Whereabouts

These are all views from the cabin where we stayed.  Simply breathtaking.

Alright, this week, no guessing.  Instead I’m just posting a recap of the great vacation we had last week with my family in the NC Mountains.  None of the husbands were in tow, so it was just the six sisters, and my parents (and the grandchildren of course!).  Please forgive me, but I’ve got a ton of photos, and have condensed them into this many for the post.  Hope you enjoy!  Wish we were already back there.  It was in the mid-70’s the entire week, and we enjoyed lots of pool time, with short trips to Linville Caverns and Grandfather Mountain.  I’ve also got a guest post over at Short Southern Momma today, so stop on by and check it out.

Getting ready to head into Linville Caverns with Sisters #2 (black shorts) and #5 (green shorts).  
Little did we know it would be 55 degrees inside.
Inside the caverns.  We weren’t supposed to touch the rock.  W wasn’t listening.
W wanted to get on this motorcycle so bad!
Enjoying some pool time.  Kisses all around.
Lots of Banagrams played on the trip.
This is what happens when you play too many games of Banagrams… 
You forget about what your daughter may be doing.  Oops!
Practicing her pastel skills with her Grandaddy.
Animals at the park.  This eagle was contained because it was injured from a gunshot.
Grandaddy and W watching the otters get fed.
Can you believe how close this black bear was to us?
It was like he was posing for us.
Off to the windy top of Grandfather Mountain.  Yes, it was VERY windy!
This was right before we walked over the Mile High Bridge.  So surreal!
All of us on the top of the mountain.
Such a fun trip!  Much different than our usual summer beach trip, but it was worth it.
And we definitely beat the heat, that’s for sure!
Hope y’all have a Happy Wednesday!


On another note:

Much to my surprise on Monday morning, when I went to get E out of her crib, this is how I found her.  At seven months, she is already crawling around and pulling herself up to sitting.  I’m guessing that having an older sister has something to do with that.  She wants everything that W has, and has finally learned how to get it.  🙂

After getting her out of her crib, we went to get W out of her crib.  W loves for E to get in the crib with her, but only for a little bit.

We need to start letting E practice the “Cheese!” face, that W is so good at doing.
P.S. W doesn’t wake up with a bow in her hair.  I just have to pull her hair back immediately after she gets up because her hair just hangs in her face.  She has no cowlicks, so it just hangs straight down.  Thank goodness she likes bows!  And she will NOT let me pull her hair up into pigtails or ponytails.  Maybe one day…

Don’t forget to check out Short Southern Momma‘s blog today.  I’ve got a guest post over there!

25 thoughts on “Wednesday Whereabouts

  1. So fun! Every summer my family makes its way up to the Blowing Rock, NC area and its such a nice change of pace! Your daughters are so adorable, by the way 🙂

  2. Wonderful pictures. Looks like you had a lovely time. Special, too.

    I love the picture of "W" surrounded by the Apple Jacks. You really never know what they are up to when you take your eyes off. Hahaha…Too funny (She looks like she was having a blast!). Touching the rock…LOL. They think they're so sneaky! 🙂

    Your girls are so cute. Oh, and Mama K's little one…so cute, too. Nice looking family.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! My family has a house in Blowing Rock, and it truly is one of the most amazing places to visit 🙂 Looks like you had a great time, and the Cheerios pic is by far my fave!!!

  4. Amazing vacation! Wow! And 6 sisters– that is really cool.
    Stella is the same with hair… she does have cowlicks (double) on the back of her head, but the front of her hair just wants to hang straight down. She sports a super short bob so her hair just hangs in her mouth. She asks me every morning for a clippie. Ha.

  5. What a gorgeous view! Those pictures make me want to get in the car and drive to NC!! I love the smiley picture of your little one and her fruit loops! That's so funny!!!

  6. Okay great post over at SSM and love all the pics. You are just beautiful my sweet friend and E and W are drop dead stunning! Oh I hope I have a girl someday! So much fun! Glad you had a great getaway! Love ya

  7. Hey sweet friend, what GLORIOUS pictures, you are so dear to share them with us. Those baby girls you have are just so darn precious! I am sure you had a blast with your family, what a treat to have some time to reconnect with your sisters in such a serene and peaceful place! The views and sunsets must have been so dreamy.

    YAY for Miss E for being such a big girl, and how nice that she has such a sweet big sister to help her learn the ropes! Before you know it she'll be all over the place (I know what you're thinking – SHHH Trish!) 🙂 Running over to check out your guest post now! Hugs! xox

  8. Just found your blog and love it. The pics are beautiful. I live in Upper East TN so I know the area well. We are blessed to live in such a magnificent and beautiful area!

  9. This NC girl used to love going to Grandfather Mtn. How fun! And what breath-taking pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    And wow, W & E are absolutely adorable!!


  10. I can't STAND all those adorable munchkins. Looks like you had a lovely vaycay. You're making me long for a trip to our fam's home in the App mountains!

  11. What a FUN trip! We're headed up to the NC mountains with my husband's family for a long 4th of July weekend (and I can't wait for a little less humidity than this Charleston weather! :))! It's wonderful that you and all of your sisters are able to get together for a little vacay! I'm an only child and I want a BIG family because it's just so stinkin' fun! 🙂 How far apart in age are W and E?? They are TOO cute! 🙂

  12. Looks like such a fun trip!
    And, 6 girls in your family? How fun!
    I have 2 sisters & we hang out all the time, I can only imagine the fun you have with all your sisters!
    Love your blog, I am your newest follower! I also have 2 little girls (who are also less than 2 years apart) We had the double crib action going on for over a year!

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