Thirsty Thursday: The Ladybug Cocktail

As I mentioned to you earlier this week, my oldest daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday this past weekend with a ladybug-themed party.  As I planned it, I knew I had to include a fun cocktail for my adult guests to enjoy.  While the husbands all enjoyed their assortment of Mexican beers, the women got to enjoy my signature cocktail, I created for the party.  The Ladybug Cocktail is so easy to make, and my guests enjoyed making their own, while enjoying the party.  Hope y’all enjoy it too!


POM (Pomegranate juice)

Pour champagne into champagne glass.  Add a splash or two of POM.  And garnish with a blackberry.  Simple, and so yummy!

The drink was definitely a hit, and many guests went back for more.  By the end of the party, all the champagne bottles were empty, so I’m guessing everyone had a great time!

Cheers to W turning 2!
At the party, this is similar to what I wore…
Lilly Pulitzer Bidi Tank from 2008, except mine was Grasshopper Green
Lilly Pulitzer Preppy Short
Happy Thursday!
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27 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: The Ladybug Cocktail

  1. It's only 8:30 and I could already use one of those drinks! They look beautiful and sound delish! Those champagne flutes are adorable! As is that Michael Kors watch. Pretty pretty!

  2. Love the cocktail! I will have to wait til next year to enjoy it though. I LOVE the watch… I might have to get that! At least with an expanding belly my wrist will remain the same…?

  3. totally cute outfit for you, mama!
    i LOVE ladybugs!! (that has always been my grandmother's nickname for me!) and this cocktail is def. one to try! i prefer champagne to wine ANYTIME, so will add this one to the repitoire!

  4. Hi from a fellow resident of NC (well, I live there in the summer! I love the beach so much). Your cocktail sounds delicious-can't wait to try it, I will tell myself that the POM makes it healthy too! By the way, there is a Lilly Signature store here-"Life's A Beach". Opened about 7 years ago. They even have a Lilly painted life size horse put in front of the store! Love it!

  5. How easy is this drink?! And it looks delicious and pretty! I am definitely doing this for my next house party.


  6. Yum on the cocktail! πŸ™‚

    If you haven't already, I hope you will enter my giveaway for a chance to win a J Crew pearl bracelet at

  7. That sounds so yummy! And a blackberry is very unexpected. I'm surprised the POM juice didn't make the champagne a strange color, but in the photo it looks positively delicious. Cheers!

  8. The ladybug cocktail sounds so refreshing and delicious! I think it’s really cute that you made that for the adult ladies at the party. Your outfit for the party was so cute and I love that watch!

  9. That drink looks fabulous! Is it bad I wish I was 21 already just so I would have access to good drinks! Love your outfit for the party! So cute but easy to run around in!

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