Tuesday Trends: A Birthday and Lilly Pulitzer Tumblers

 You knew I couldn’t have W’s party without some pink and green to greet our guests.

W celebrated her second birthday on Saturday, with a bunch of her little friends.  Her actual birthday was on Friday.  Although there was no rain in sight, it was definitely a scorcher.  We had bubble machines and corn hole boards set up outside, but everyone stayed inside most of the party.  The toys were all inside anyway, so either way I’m guessing, that’s where the little ones would have played.  Her theme was ladybugs, and it was so cute.  Stayed tuned on Thirsty Thursday for my Ladybug Cocktail I created, for those over 21 to enjoy at the party.  For those under 21, we served pink lemonade with sliced limes.  Couldn’t resist.

W loved the extra attention, and even blew out her own two candles.  As she opened each present, she would say “ooooh” and “Happy Birthday to You.”  Actually, she has woken up every morning since then, saying the phrase, “Happy Birthday to You.”  No, I don’t think she’ll have a complex.  Haha.  I’m just waiting until her next friend’s birthday party, when she tries to steal her presents, thinking it’s still her birthday.  🙂

Scored these cute invites at Swoozie’s before they went out of business.

The happy birthday girl.

W (sporting her new sunglasses) with some of her cute friends at the party.

Notice E, slyly trying to get her taste of the cake.
Opening her gift from Aunt Audrey (an apron, to help Daddy make waffles on Saturday mornings).
Happy Birthday, Sweet W!  You’re growing up much too fast for your Mama.
All in all, it was a great party, just wish my little one would stay this young forever!


P.S. How cute are these Lilly Pulitzer tumblers that Lifeguard Press sent me?  They were a perfect addition to W’s birthday party.  The pattern is so preppy, and they’re actually quite sturdy.  They’re also dishwasher safe, so they should hopefully last me a long time.  And at only $14.95, no complaints here.

This was pre-party, before the food was plated.  Notice the tumblers on the table?  Too cute!

 This photo was taken post-party, so the charger was a bit of a mess at this point.  

I’m hoping to order some Lilly Pulitzer Party Poms for E’s birthday coming up in a couple of months.  They’re too cute!  I used them for W’s first birthday last year, and they were a hit!  If you’re interested in ordering from Lifeguard Press, they’re offering free shipping that I saw on Shopaholic in Alabama’s blog.  Just enter the code: SHOPBAMA.

Happy Shopping!

23 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: A Birthday and Lilly Pulitzer Tumblers

  1. W's party- SO adorable!!
    I love the ladybug invites and the tumblers are of course fabulous.
    Judging by the bar and the toys, I'm sure a good time was had by all 🙂

  2. Super cute! Love the ladybug theme! I didn't know our girls were so close in age! Stella was 2 in December! Love the whole pink/green Lily theme… gorgeous! W looked so happy!! -I promise the Happy Birthday to me will end… soon…? Haha.

  3. What a cute party. I love the invitations and the cake. Adorable. The LP tumblers are great! I think the idea of pink lemonade with lime slices is perfect. How awesome served in the tumblers!

    Both girls looked so cute. Pink and green, too. Love the party hats. Think stealing a bit of cake is hilarious (That would be me!). 🙂

    You're so right about wanting to keep them young forever. If I could, I would do the same thing, too.

    Happy Belated, "W!"

  4. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! If you find that magic solution for freezing time, let me know! I love the pink and green theme, especially those darling invitations.

  5. I absolutely adore the pink and green ladybug theme! So precious! And the Lilly tumblers are of course super cute 🙂

  6. What a beautiful birthday girl! The party looks like it was absolutely darling – I'm sure it was a huge hit.
    PS – I'm wearing the gold earrings again today, but shhh…. don't tell anyone I'm a jewelry repeater. 😉 Thanks so much again – love them!

  7. I love the invites and what a fun theme! W is the cutest little birthday girl ever! I love her dress! Looks like a great party! Hope you're having a fabulous week!

  8. W is so cute! The party looks like it was so fun – I love the invites [ladybugs are a fave of mine] and the LP tumblers fit perfectly! I love the family pic where E is trying to get in some of the cake 🙂

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