Tuesday Trends: Sam Sidney Illustrations + More Sales

 How awesome is this custom-made stationery set?  Recognize the family?
Enter my friend, Sam Sidney.
In addition to taking care of her family: her husband and their three sweet children, she also creates these fabulous family illustrations!  As soon as I saw the one above, I knew right away that I wanted her to create one for our family.  I ended up giving ours to the hubs for Christmas.
Needless to say, they’d be right at home on your own wall, or make a great gift.
I walk past mine everyday, and cannot get enough.  The children love to look at it too, and they were so happy that Sam included Boozer!  I’ve actually thought about asking her to do one for each season, wearing different outfits for each one.
 Seriously though, when she created this one, I fell in LOVE!  This sweet wooden 12×18 family portrait will be in our house for years and years to come!  Such a special, original piece of artwork.
Family Portrait on Wood 12×18 || $175
Stationery (50 cards with envelopes, includes a copy of illustration) || $220
Family Illustration with Mat || $150
Shipping Cost
Painting on Wood $20 || Stationery and Illustration $10
 If you’re interested in having one of your own, contact Sam.
Follow her via Instagram @samsidney
I FINALLY got my hair colored this week!  Next time I cannot wait that long.
My grays were really bad this time around.  They grow out so fast!
My Minnetonka 5-Layer Fringe Boots came in, and I LOVE them!  Super, super comfy!
If you’re trying to decide on your size, I’m normally an 8.5 in most shoes and went with an 8 in these.
Use code: WINTER14 at check-out.
My Navy Sparkle Glitter ones came in the mail today.  Some warmth in this cold weather!
J.Crew carried a necklace like the one above, and it has since sold out.
Well, Baublebar now carries a very similar version, the Crystal Francesca Necklace, at a much lower price point.  It goes with everything.
Nordstrom has marked down new items during their Winter Sale.
Love both of these Tory Burch ‘Peacock’ Scarves in Barley and Auburn.
The Auburn one would be a good one to add to your Valentine’s Wish List!
Happy Tuesday!

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: Sam Sidney Illustrations + More Sales

  1. I'll have to save up for a Sam painting with mat, looove it for our new home! I have the Minnetonka moccasins and absolutely love them, great for Spring/Fall. Reminds me of wearing the original ones when I was a kid-love those boots, I've debated if I was too old to wear them, but apparently not, you looks adorable 🙂

  2. Love that wooden portrait. It almost seems custom made for you. 🙂 Those Minnetonka boots look so cozy. Of course my favorite are those striped Tory flats.

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