How I Do It: Having a Baby Hospital Checklist

No, don’t be alarmed.  I’m not having another baby.  I had a reader who is 30 weeks pregnant, ask me if I could make a checklist for her, of everything I packed for the hospital, since I’ve had some experience in that department.  Thankfully, I was induced with each of mine, so I was able to schedule my delivery dates, which made packing easier.  For those curious, I was hooked up to pitocin to start contractions each time, and had epidurals with all four.  Each experience was very different, and surprisingly, W’s was the smoothest…probably why I was okay with having three more.  And I was more than blessed to have my regular ob-gyn deliver all four…and for one of them, he delivered, when he wasn’t even on call that day.
If any of you have had more than one, you’d probably agree with me that the first time around, you always pack way too much.  I remember packing books, magazines, clothes for if the room was cold, warm, way too many clothes, too many clothing options for the baby, etc.  The next few times, it was a lot easier because I made my packing list simple.  Also, we live within a mile of our hospital, so if I forgot anything, the hubs could always go back and get it.

The main thing to remember is Comfort is Key.
I wore my robe the entire time I was at the hospital, but I know everyone is different here.  I packed two of my comfiest pairs of sweatpants, and wore them under my robe.  Some bring clothes/pajamas.  Whatever it is, just make sure it’s comfortable and easy to pull on and off.
Bedroom Slippers
I own these, and would highly recommend them.
Flip Flops
For the shower.
The hospital has pillows available, but in my opinion, at least at our hospital, they’re a little flat, and you always need more than one.  If you’re assigned a good nurse, she’ll help you stockpile some pillows, if you need more.  But I made it easier, and just brought my own.
TMI, but make sure they’re boy shorts or bikini, something with a lot of coverage…and comfortable.
Two Newborn Going-Home Outfits
I say two, so you have options, in case one doesn’t fit, or the baby spits up on it, as soon as you dress him/her.  Don’t pack more than that.  And remember, whatever you dress him/her in, they still have to fit in their carseat with it on.  I know friends that have outfits for their baby, during their hospital stay, but I think it’s just easier to let them wear whatever the hospital provides.
Soothies are the ones most hospitals use.  Have one on hand, as a last resort, especially for the car ride home, if the baby gets fussy.
I would say bring a notebook, book, etc., but honestly I just used my iPhone, if I wanted to jot down any thoughts or notes.
Don’t rely on just your iPhone.  Real cameras still capture more, in my opinion.  Plus, if you’re wanting to print them out for family, it’s a lot easier and cheaper, if you use a real camera.  I have this one.
Nursing Bras and Nursing Pads
To prevent leaks, I used these.  As for nursing bras, I loved the soft knit ones, that were a sports bra style, like this one.  I wasn’t big on snaps and clasps.
iPads, Laptops, or DVDs
While there may be some shows on the local hospital cable, you’re probably going to watch something else.
Keep it simple.  If you’re up to it, bring make-up, but I’m guessing that will be the last thing on your mind.  Hair dryers and a brush are good.  Some hospitals provide hair dryers, but I still brought my own.
For marking down your next appointments at the pediatrician, unless you record your appointments on your phone.
Car Seat
Make sure it’s correctly installed, before you leave the hospital.  We used this travel system for all four.
For Pet Owners
If you have a pet at home, please do this before bringing your child into your home.  Whatever hat the baby wears during the hospital stay, take it off the baby, bring it in your house when you get home, and have your pet smell it, to pick up on the new scent.  That way your pet is prepared for the new scent (aka the new baby), once you walk in the house with him/her.  It’s worked like a charm with Boozer and all four of our children.

Honestly, whatever you pack, forget to pack, pack too much of, it’s not really going to matter.
You just had a BABY!  The most amazing miracle in this world!!  And a moment in time you will never ever forget!

I’m FINALLY getting my hair colored today!  These greys are out of control.
Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

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  1. Love the racerback tank….wondering what size to order?? I'm usually an XS in J.Crew button-down shirts and a S in their sweaters. I'm torn between a 2 and 4..your opinion??

  2. As my c-section was scheduled, I got my hair professionally blown out the night before and packed my trusted Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. May not work for everyone, but with my long hair, worked perfectly in that time frame 🙂

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