Thirsty Thursday: The Peachy Keen + J.Crew Factory New Arrivals + Moon & Lola + Lilly Pulitzer

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I had the best time at a Belk Fashion Event this morning.  More details to share with you tomorrow.  In perfect-timing fashion, I met Blair Farris from Peachy the Magazine, and she happened to share with me Peachy’s Signature Cocktail recipe, The Peachy Keen.  How perfect for Thirsty Thursday!  I must make this soon.  Hope you will too!
The Peachy Keen
Created by Maggie Rupert, Mixologist and Contributor to Peachy the Magazine

2c Fresh Peach Puree
1c Coriander Grenadine*
1/2c Lemon Juice
1 Bottle Sparkling Wine
12 or so Mint Leaves
6oz Neutral Grain Spirit (moonshine, vodka, etc.)
3 Peaches (cut into slices)
*Coriander Grenadine
1c Unsweetened Pomegranate Juice
1c Sugar
2tbsp Lightly Crushed Coriander Seed
Combine ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat and stir until sugar is dissolved.
Let simmer for 10 minutes.
Strain and chill before using.
Combine liquid ingredients in a punch bowl.
Add peach slices and lightly pressed mint leaves.
Loving Lately…
The Body Book, Cameron Diaz with Sandra Bark
Need to get my hands on this book.  Heard it’s had rave reviews.
Learning about the inseparable link between nutrition and health was just one of the life-changing lessons that sparked Cameron’s passion to explore the best ways to care for her body.  Diaz shares the knowledge she’s gained both from personal experience and from consulting with health experts.
J.Crew Factory just released their newest arrivals.  Like they did this past Fall/Winter, many of their items in their collection resemble J.Crew’s pieces from last year, but at a lower price point.  Genius!
I know we all remember this one from J.Crew, last Spring.  I have it and still wear it often.
I definitely paid more than this for mine.  What a steal!
So pretty with a fun necklace and a tan this summer.
I’m not kidding when I say I own all of these colors from last year’s J.Crew Spring/Summer Collection.  They’re such pretty dresses to wear anywhere all spring and summer.  They look great alone, or with a fun, statement necklace.  I’ve worn mine with both heels and flats.
If you were considering them when they were available last year, but opted not to get one, I’d order one now.
They will sell out quickly, especially since they’re on promotion.
Own these from last summer.  LOVE them!
After today’s fashion event, one thing I learned was that tortoise will still be popular this Spring.
And then this Moon & Lola Tortoise Monogrammed Bangle arrived in the mail…
What a surprise!  I plan to wear it often.  It’s such a cool personalized piece.  Makes for a great gift for yourself, or a friend.  And you know it’ll look great on some tanned skin this summer.
Can you tell I’m anxious for it to get warm here again?
And while we’re on the subject of warm weather, how great are these Lilly Pulitzer Printed Callahan Shorts, just released yesterday?
I definitely need a pair…or TWO…in my life!

Hope y’all are having a lovely Thursday!  It’s almost Friday!  Now I just need to talk the hubs into rounding up those ingredients for The Peachy Keen at the store, on his way home from work!  Here’s hoping!
Happy Sipping, Y’all!

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  1. I was just looking through the Jcrew Factory new arrivals and I think I might need to pick up a scalloped dress since I skipped over it last year while I was pregnant. Loving those Lilly shorts! I am so, so ready for summer and we still have about 7 inches of snow here that needs to melt.

  2. I've already called my local Factory store about the scallop shift dress. I can't wait to get my hands on the navy and maybe the coral as we'll!


  3. Loved seeing you Ashley. Hope you enjoy the Peachy Keen! Can't think of a better day in the Carolinas to contemplate a new spring/summer wardrobe and a beverage with fresh peaches… it's freezing out there!

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