Tuesday Trends: My Work-Out Essentials + New Activewear Favorites

I know I’ve posted about my favorite work-out essentials before, but every so often, I find new items I’ve found and loved, and wanted to share them with you.  As you read in my post yesterday, I’ve begun incorporating barre/pilates into my weekly work-outs, and quickly realized I needed to broaden my realm of activewear, to find pieces that worked well for it.  And if you’re not familiar with SSP yet, you’ll soon find that many of my links take you over to Nordstrom.  One of my favorite places to shop – such a broad variety of designers to shop from, with top notch customer service!

Check out the items below.  Would love to own every.single.one!
Whatever you’re active doing, whether it be camping, hiking, taking your child to school (hey, that’s active, right?), choose Patagonia.
I own all of these Patagonia styles, and have worn them for years and years.  Definitely a quality designer, that I constantly go back to time and time again, and now, I even shop Patagonia for my children.
While this post was sponsored by Nordstrom, y’all know I love all of these pieces, and chose all of these items personally for this post.
All images via Nordstrom.

To all of you who have kick-started your resolutions this year, I hope getting into/staying in shape is one of them.  Talk about helping your mood, if anything else!  Good luck!

The girls have dance after school today.  I’ll try and get some pics today, to share with y’all tomorrow.  They’re the sweetest little ballerinas!

15 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends: My Work-Out Essentials + New Activewear Favorites

  1. I'm a daily gym goer so I love to get new workout clothes. right now I'm loving a lot of pieces from Athleta and I always have a love for Lululemon (even though the prices mean you can only have a little bit…not an entire closet). How do you like the pilates/barre class? I recently took a barre class and was so sore for 3 days. Also…I have an Alo jacket (got at nordstrom rack last year) and absolutely LOVE it. Their products are so nice, comfortable and quality.

    Have a great day!

    1. I'm a cardio girl (spin, elliptical and running all the way) but in 2014 i want to try some new things…yoga & barre. There is a great hot yoga studio in town that I plan to try soon…

  2. As a former Nordstrom employee and (still) an avid shopper there … I have to agree that they do have the best variety of designers and have such a wide range of product for the shopper in every budget! I love all these pieces you posted! Just wondering have you ever tried their Zella line? As much as I love Nike gear, I was quite impressed with Zella (especially their sports bra) as well 🙂

    As always I love reading your posts! 🙂

    1. I have tried the Zella line. Actually the image of the two girls above, have on all Zella products. I own the girl's pants on the left. Love them! Super comfortable and the print is so fun! Definitely right up there with Nike. I haven't tried their sports bras before though. May have to check that out. Thanks!

  3. I always love reading your posts! Especially love seeing pieces you pick out from Nordstroms….it's my favorite store and they have the BEST customer service! I just bought a pair of Zella leggings on a whim and absolutely love them so far! Super comfortable and just the right thickness. Thanks for all your wonderful posts as usual!

  4. I love reading about your running gear because (as you know) I'm a runner too. I'm always looking for new stuff to try (especially for the winter). I have yet to find those amazing Nike pants 🙁 Have you worn your Lululemon stuff running? Can you tell a big difference? I can't wait to get back to running (hopefully I'll be recovered enough by this weekend). I'm still waiting on you to register for a race 🙂

    Xoxo! Julia

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