Fashion Friday: Lifeguard Press and a New Lilly Dress

I’m off to the beach this morning, but wanted to give y’all a run-down on some great Lifeguard Press products that they sent me to review.  If you haven’t checked out their website yet, you should.  They carry such cute accessories and paper products from coasters to party decorations, agendas to journals.  My favorite product lines they carry are Lilly Pulitzer and Jonathan Adler.  I seriously want it all!

What’s a better way than to capture all of my summer moments in a cute photo book.  It would make such a perfect addition to any bookshelf or coffee table.  I can’t wait to fill mine up with so many memories from my trips this summer.  This would also make a great hostess, wedding/baby shower or graduation gift!

How sweet is this little night light?  I had no idea Lilly even carried them until I saw this one.  So far my daughters haven’t needed lights in their bedrooms, but if/when they do, I’ll be armed and ready with this precious night light.  They also have a fish, elephant and cabana available.  They’re all too cute.  Wouldn’t this be a perfect addition to any room, even a bathroom?  Maybe I’ll keep it in there, until my daughters need this preppy butterfly to help scare away the monsters under their beds.  🙂

Well, y’all already know how much I love these stickers, I gave them away in a giveaway, here.  I seriously use these stickers everywhere.  They even have packing slip stickers, so I use them to write addresses on, to send out packages.  I use them all the time, on envelopes, calendars, stationery, etc.  Seriously, everywhere!  They add a little extra Lilly cuteness to everything.
Hope y’all find some fun items at Lifeguard Press!
Remember, enter the code SHOPBAMA, thanks to Shopaholic in Alabama, to get free shipping!


I purchased this Lilly Pulitzer Daphne dress from Under the Palm Tree on Tuesday, and can you believe it already arrived?  I know I spoke of how great their customer service is, but this was seriously perfect timing.  Since I’m leaving for the beach this morning, I get to take this pretty little preppy thing with me.  Oh yeah, and did I mention, they have some great dresses on sale, and I got this one for $70 off and free shipping?  Not bad at all.  This via Lilly Pulitzer store always has great deals, and I always check their facebook page before I order, because I can usually get a good deal.  I ordered it on Tuesday, checked their fb page before I ordered, and they had a deal.  Because Martha Jane has worked their for two years, they wanted to celebrate that day on Tuesday, so they offered free shipping and a surprise gift with purchase.

Good news!  I actually checked Under the Palm Tree‘s facebook page just now, and they’ve extended the free shipping and gift with purchase (no minimum purchase) until today.  Just use the code MARTHA JANE in the Order Notes section.  Have fun shopping!

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

16 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Lifeguard Press and a New Lilly Dress

  1. Found you through Follow Friday–cute blog! I hopped on over to Under the Palm Tree and made a little purchase myself! Have a wonderful day at the beach!

  2. Oh, Ashley. That Daphne dress is so pretty! It's going to look perfect on you. And how exciting that it came so fast! I just love when that happens. Have a great weekend.


  3. Ooooh! Loving the Bees Knees Patch Stickers and Labels! I will need to go and order those- the dress is adorable too… but I am much more of a solid black kinda girl. Guess thats the fashion student in me still from 12 years ago!

  4. How have I overlooked those adorable night lights? One would be PERFECT in Pretty Little Bare Feet's pink&green beachy bathroom!

    Love your dress! Have a wonderful beach trip!

  5. Love your items! One of my friends had one of the Lilly nightlights for her dorm room! Love the new dress too! Under the Palm tree is fab!

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