Fashion Friday: Weekend Recap and Devon Baer Discount

We had a wonderful time this past weekend, at my cousin’s wedding festivities.  Greenville, SC is a beautiful place, and I’m so glad we had a chance to take it all in!  Since I took so many photos that I want to share with you, I thought I’d break them up into multiple posts, so I wouldn’t overload the photos on you.

First off, the beautiful Bridesmaid Luncheon, at my cousin’s fiancé’s aunt’s home…
How gorgeous is this home?
Each table was set with different china, from different relatives of the bride. A very neat idea!
The beaming bride with her flower girl.
The bride, with my aunt and my cousin (her brother was the one getting married).
Counting down the minutes until she could have one…or two.
The bride with her lovely bridesmaids and readers.
A gift for the flower girl.
My mom with W.
My blue tunic dress is by Devon Baer.  She creates some of the BEST tunics, dresses, tops and even jewelry!  Unfortunately, the dress I’m wearing was from her Spring Collection, and has since sold out.  But now I’m crushing on the same dress, in aquamarine…
Just as stunning!
Here are some more of my favorites from her collection…
If interested, Devon Baer is offering my readers 15% off with the code: LOYAL15.  The offer ends next Friday, the 29th, so hurry up and pick out a favorite or two!  Trust me, you’ll love her pieces, as much as I do!  After posting, I may need to get my hands on some more of her pieces…
Really, dude?
I can’t believe I forgot to include a Bachelorette recap after Monday’s episode!  Okay, so I guess my main concern is finally GONE – Ryan!  Thank the Lord she came to her senses.  I was going to stop watching if she gave him the rose, after he basically tried to beg and plead her for it…okay, maybe I wouldn’t have gone to that extreme, but I was sitting on the edge of the couch yelling at her not to give it back to him.  And the end?  Y’all know I still like John, who almost got eliminated, before the twist occurred, but I’m just not sure that he’s got a chance this late in the game.  But we’ll see…  I’m really hoping she sticks with Sean.  He seems so sweet and charming, and more naturally nice, than some of the other guys.  Many of the others seem to be trying a bit too hard.  With this show being the only real show I watch right now, it’s killing me to wait week-to-week for the next episode!  Can’t wait until Monday!  P.S. My opinion – Doug is gone next Monday.  She’s trying way to hard for him.  She shouldn’t have to try that hard.  What are you thoughts??
Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!
W is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.  She turned FOUR this past Monday.
Still cannot believe it!
Want a chance to win some of my Lilly?  Click HERE.
TGIF, Y’all!
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7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Weekend Recap and Devon Baer Discount

  1. Great pics!! W is just to cute! I love her waiting so patiently for the petit fours!

    Onto the Bachelorette. GO SEAN GO!! I was too nervous to watch with Ryan- if fact I had to have Alton give me play-by-plays bc I was so nervous she was going to chase him down the street when he was walking away…

  2. Hi Ashley,

    I'm an Oregonian and will be attending a wedding in DC in July. I have a bit of a fashion dilemma and I'm wondering if you could help. I'm wearing a Lilly dress (here's a link with the pic of the same dress: and I'm at a loss for what shoes to wear. The problem is that I'm unable to wear heels because of a physical injury (major bummer). I'd like to wear sandals since it will be so hot, but I'm concerned that this won't be appropriate. The style of the wedding is "southern casual." The ceremony is in a church and the reception is at a restaurant in Alexandia, VA. Are sandals too casual? I'm thinking McKims or Jack Rogers. What do you think??

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Kind regards,

  3. Agreed on the Ryan front!! I did think he was handsome, (I prefer darker complexions for men), he was so controlling and judgmental of her. It's so hard to figure out who she's going to choose, I feel like she really clicks with both Arie and Sean, and then there's something about Jef–who seems like a child. But at least Ryan is gone!!

  4. oh gosh, seriously, the whole ryan debacle. i really did not like him, but now i'm kind of sad. he was the source of my entertainment for a while. blue suede shoes and all!!!
    xo TJ

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