The Retreat at Azalea Lodge: Part Two

I love how well everything was decorated and more importantly that everything was durable!

The cousins arrived and were ready to swim!

Coverup // Sunnies

My mom with two of my sisters…constantly counting kids.  Haha.

The first night the whole family was here, we celebrated my sister’s birthday.

Snuggling with their Gigi.

I was pretty proud that I got in a 3 mile run everyday.  Always puts me in a good mood when I can knock it out early!

We tied the tube off the dock and it was a big hit!

LEGOS always!

It was such a great time to catch up with my sisters!  My sister on the right is expecting my parents’ 15th grandchild!  Lots of y’all asked about my sister’s strapless bikini.  It’s Target from last year.

Since none of the husbands could make it, we had Austin that worked for Lakecations captain our boat one afternoon.  And boy, I think that was everyone’s favorite part of the trip!  The kids all loved tubing so much!

Thanks, Austin!  He was great with all the kids!

Effie and her cousin Winston are three months apart and have always been best buds!

I may or may not have been thrown off the tube a few times…but always a good time!

Girls Dresses // My Earrings // My Bracelet

Being two of the oldest cousins, I am so happy and proud to see how well my girls helped out with their little cousins this past week.  They always do it with a happy heart and it helps my sisters so much!  I hope they always keep it up!

All 14 GRANDS!  What a week we had at the most beautiful retreat!  It’s always hard for us to find a space that will hold all of us on vacation, and this fit us all very comfortably!  If you’re looking to go with a big group whether it’s family or friends, you will LOVE this spot!  Trust me!  I wish we could’ve stayed for another two weeks!  I’m already missing the sunrise this morning.  If you’re interested in staying at The Retreat at Azalea Lodge, book your stay here.  You can also check out more photos of all the rooms and all the amenities that are offered.  Use code: SSP10 to take 10% off your stay!

For Part One of our stay, head over here.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  School starts back here in less than two weeks, and we’re living it up until then!  We’re off for another weekend away, but this time Lanier gets to come with us!

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