Spring Break: Part Two + Other Friday Randoms

On Sunday, we celebrated Easter and the children did our church’s Breakfast & Bibles via Zoom.  We hid Easter eggs around the area and let them find them.  My dress is a small.  The girls’ dresses are Lilly from last year. Love my Effie girl so very much! Just some of the delicious food we… Read More

Life Lately + What I Wore + Lulu Faves

Trying to catch up on my Life Lately posts.  My apologies for the delay!  A few weeks ago while the children were away for the week with their grandparents, I enjoyed lunch at my favorite spot, The Obstinate Daughter.  Wore this dress, these earrings (only $10) and these bracelets (only $15 each). I know I… Read More

Life Lately: Part Four

Still catching ya’ll up on what we’ve been up to the past few months. Wheeler graduated from 5th Grade!  Cue the waterworks!  She had a virtual graduation, then everyone met in a parking lot and all the parents spaced their cars apart and applauded the graduates as they walked in a line (socially distanced, of… Read More

Our Staycation

I know I’ve posted about it a few times, but last week the children spent the week with their grandparents.  Lanier was out of town all week, but got back in town on Thursday evening, so we were ready to cram in as many dates as we could until Sunday.  Our first top was Chubby… Read More

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The Obstinate Daughter Brunch + What I Wore

On Friday morning, I attended a brunch at The Obstinate Daughter that was part of the Charleston Wine & Food Festival.  It was seriously so amazing that I had to make it its own single post.  Seriously, every serving was worthy of sharing with you! Upon arrival, we were greeted with a sparkling rosé.  Thanks,… Read More

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The William Moultrie Cocktail + What I Wore

  A few weeks ago, I went out to eat at my favorite restaurant in Charleston – The Obstinate Daughter.  Every single thing on the menu is absolutely divine!  The first thing I always order is this deliciously tasty cocktail… The William Moultrie High Wire Gin Cucumber Water Keylime Juice Grapefruit Juice Basil I really… Read More