Life Lately: Part Four

Still catching ya’ll up on what we’ve been up to the past few months.

Wheeler graduated from 5th Grade!  Cue the waterworks!  She had a virtual graduation, then everyone met in a parking lot and all the parents spaced their cars apart and applauded the graduates as they walked in a line (socially distanced, of course) between all of the parked cars.  It was pretty special!  Still sad we didn’t get to have an official graduation, but very happy some parents figured out a way to let them be recognized!

Afterward, I took Wheeler out to eat.  Just like her mother, she loves The Obstinate Daughter too!

We had the grilled octopus, lobster rolls and the farrow salad…with a Shirley Temple of course!

Next up, we got gelato at Beardcats and brought some home for all her siblings.

Wore this dressMy bag was my splurge during the quarantine.  I scored it back when it was on major sale too!

Since it was Wheeler’s special day, I asked her what she wanted to do next and she said she wanted to visit the aquarium.

We brought two of her buddies along too.

It was such an awesome experience because we had the entire aquarium to ourselves!

Ruru’s for dinner!

Breakfast and the Bible on Sunday mornings with our church.

After an extremely long wait, the boys finally got haircuts!

Happy Thursday, Y’all!