Our Staycation

I know I’ve posted about it a few times, but last week the children spent the week with their grandparents.  Lanier was out of town all week, but got back in town on Thursday evening, so we were ready to cram in as many dates as we could until Sunday.  Our first top was Chubby Fish.  It’s been open since last year, but it was new to us.  And y’all, it’s amazing!  Like there wasn’t a single dish that we didn’t devour!

My top is an old Tibi silk tank from a few years ago.  Wore these earrings.  I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of them lately.  I was worried they’d be too heavy, but they’re even lighter than the Lisi Lerch earrings I usually wear.

First order, the Octopus Salad with yellow wax beans, avocado and purple potatoes.

Next us was the Burrata with heirloom tomatoes and garlic bread.

Roasted Bone Marrow with crispy rock shrimp and jalapenos.

Mahi Mahi Curry with eggplants, peanuts and citrus.

Chili Garlic Shrimp with ginger, lemon and rice.

Fried Oyster Roll with tartar and malt vinegar chips.

We ended the evening bowling a few games over at The Alley.

Jeans // Wedges

Chubby Fish is a pretty quaint spot, but we were able to get seated within 30 minutes.  They have a bar area where you can wait inside too.  Trust me, it’s worth the wait!

As if we hadn’t eaten enough, the next morning we headed over to Vicious Biscuit for some breakfast.  There were so many tasty options, it was hard to choose.  A reader also told me that you can create your own biscuit with whatever toppings you want, as well.

The Ranchero

The Flame Thrower – this one was my favorite of the two.

That evening, we headed off to Diner En Blanc, an event where you’re only allowed to wear white.  Lots of y’all have asked about my lashes lately, I’ve been using Latisse and love the results!  While it lengthens them, it doesn’t make my naturally straight lashes curl.  So I still have to use an eyelash curler.  But I’m not complaining.  On why I started using it?  Earlier this year, I had a clump of eyelashes fall out.  Not sure why it happened, so I started to use Latisse to fill in the noticeable

Wore this dress.  It fits true to size.  I’m wearing a small.  I wore the lavender one to my sister’s bridesmaids luncheon back in the Fall and remembered when this event came up that it came in white too.  It was an easy decision!  Paired it with these earrings and this necklace as a bracelet.  My wedges are a few years old by Loeffler Randall.

Before heading to the event, we stopped at Zero George for pre-festivity cocktails.  Their Money Penny will always be my forever favorite and they no longer carry it.  But they were kind enough to make it for me that night.

My friends just took over ownership of Easy Bay Wine & Spirits last month and had their grand opening on Friday.  Glad I was able to stop in before heading to Diner En Blanc.  If you’re downtown, you’ll love this little spot.  Their goal is to try and carry more local brands.  So if you’re local and interested, reach out to them!  They’re located right across the street from Harris Teeter.

Such a fun time at Diner En Blanc!  Over 700 people showed up in white!  We managed to escape without burning anything with our sparklers, so I consider that a successful evening!

Afterward, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Oak Steakhouse.  It was our first time here and we were pleasantly surprised!

Only the best evenings end at The Commodore!  The singer on Friday night was so good!

Saturday brought beautiful weather for a boat day.  This was our first time on this specific beach and we already said we’ll go to this one again next time too.  Many of the islands tend to get a little crowded over the summer, so we’re always on the hunt to find the more remote ones.

Bikini Top // Sunnies

Such a relaxing day.  Exactly what we needed.

I don’t know how, but we attempted to pop into The Obstinate Daughter to see if there was any room even at the bar for dinner and we scored actual seats!  Another tasty octopus dish – twice in three days.

The Obstinate Daughter still remains my favorite restaurant in all of Charleston.  And this dish right here is one of the many reasons why.  Ricotta Gnocchi with short rib ragu and horseradish.  Pure heaven.

Old Danger – pancetta, mozzarella, white sauce, farm egg, scallion, black pepper, parmesan.  And you better believe we devoured everything we ordered!

Loved ending our staycation at one of our favorite spots.  Worethis dress.  It’s fun and flowy and I absolutely loved wearing it.  Not that many left!

Lanier was going fishing on Sunday morning with some friends, so we ended up meeting up with them after dinner to catch bait for the next day.


In my happy place.

Charleston, you never disappoint.  So lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

I hope y’all have a great start to your week!