The Obstinate Daughter Brunch + What I Wore

On Friday morning, I attended a brunch at The Obstinate Daughter that was part of the Charleston Wine & Food Festival.  It was seriously so amazing that I had to make it its own single post.  Seriously, every serving was worthy of sharing with you!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a sparkling rosé.  Thanks, Clayton!

Check out this list.  We were served all 12 courses!

This one was probably my most favorite!  I’m in love with caviar, so I was excited this was our first treat.

This oyster was perfectly executed.  Tasted like a Bloody Mary and even included the subtle spicy kick at the end.

I’ll just let you peruse these photos.  Is your stomach rumbling yet?  For details on each dish, head back to the menu above.

I mean, these clams.  Unbelievable.  Every single serving was just that.  Indescribably good!

Tomato Pie!  Another favorite!

Oh my word, y’all!  This little dessert was perfectly decadent.  Not too rich.  The whipped honey yogurt balanced out the spiced cashews perfectly.

As for the wine pairings, Weston of The Piedmont Guy did an incredible job.

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On to the cocktail menu…

Cheers to the Lady Sullivan and the Hakuna Colada.  I’ll definitely back to try more of these!

In more exciting news, they brought back the William Moultrie cocktail.  Always a favorite of mine, so I was clearly sad when they took it off the menu for a little while.  But it’s back!

The Obstinate Daughter continues to be my favorite restaurant in all of Charleston and this brunch only confirmed my love.  Jacques Larson, you are a food genius!  Thank you!

Here with The Piedmont Guy, Weston Hoard and his wife Lucrezia.  She manages her family’s vineyard, Malabaila.  It’s been in the family for 65 generations.  Yes, you read that right.

Wore this dress to the brunch.

Jacques, Jonathan, Frank and more.  They’re all good people.  Not only is the food outstanding here, but the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  The Obstinate Daughter, you’re doing everything right.  Keep up the awesome work!

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