Spring Break: Part Two + Other Friday Randoms

On Sunday, we celebrated Easter and the children did our church’s Breakfast & Bibles via Zoom.  We hid Easter eggs around the area and let them find them.  My dress is a small.  The girls’ dresses are Lilly from last year.

Love my Effie girl so very much!

Just some of the delicious food we enjoyed poolside at Courtyard Marriott in Marathon.

We got the trashcan nachos a lot!

Had to get a matching set for the trip!  My one-piece fits a little big.  Sized down to a small.  Love the rear coverage.  The girls’ rashguards come as a set with a bikini too.  Use code: SWEETSOUTHERNPREP20 for 20% off your order!

Almost my height!

Love this view in my sunnies!  And let me tell you, I’m usually not a big one piece person because my torso is on the longer side.  But I just love this one so much!

Living her best life!

The next day, we headed down to Sombrero Beach for the day.  It’s about five minutes from where we were staying.  They loved exploring this little reef…especially Vaughn!  He found all sorts of creatures and loved showing everyone that walked by.

Logan got stung by something in the water right when we arrived, but thankfully it didn’t last long and didn’t leave a mark.

Always finding the coolest treasures.

Such a fun day at the beach!  It’s funny to me that the kids were more worried at first about swimming in this clear water than in our dark water at home.  They said it’s because they didn’t like seeing everything they were stepping on in the clear water.  You think it’d be the opposite!  The girls’ coverups are a few years old, but my coverup is new!  Love the cool, lightweight fabric!  For fit, it’s true to size.  Wearing a size 6.

Twinning on our last match of the season on this team!  I’ve played mostly singles for the past few years, but before that I played doubles with my bestie!  Loved ending the season this week getting to play doubles together with a big win!  Dresses are a few years old, but sunnies are from here.

And Wheeler had an e-learning day while her teachers got their second vaccinations, so we had a fun little girls day!  I asked her what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to play tennis and eat lunch on Sullivan’s.  They’re all amazing spots, but she chose The Obstinate Daughter.  Great choice in my book!  My favorite! // Jacket // My Sunnies // Wheeler’s Sunnies // Crossbody

Wheeler ordered everything we ate.

Marsh Hen Frites

Frogmore Chowder

Farro Chicken with Brussel Sprouts and Peanuts

Top Left Sunnies // Bottom Mask // Tortoise Sunnies // Top Mask

I hope y’all have a great weekend!  It went from 80 degrees and sunny on Wednesday to 45 degrees and chilly today!  Brrrr.  But I guess it does make you appreciate the warmer days when we get them.  I just want them to hurry up and stay all season long!  It’s been the best week!  We have friends in town from Charlotte and we got to spend some time with them on the 80 degree day at the pool.  Got to wear my new cover-up!  Wearing these sunnies and sandals with them.  My hat is from a local store here called Shades.

My favorite coffee table books are currently on sale – 25% off!  If you’ve had your eye on them, now’s the best time to score them.  I love them and have them all over my den and dining room.  Such pretty pops of color!

Also, one of my favorite earring designers, Mignonne Gavigan, is running an awesome promo right now!  Shop and save!  I have my eye on these!  I also love my Madelines so much!  Both the large ones and the smaller version.  They make statements pairing them with even a simple tee.

TGIF, Y’all!