Sunday Funday + Lilly Agendas are HERE! + OOTD

We had such a fun weekend!  The best part was Wheeler’s birthday party.  Saving those pics until this week’s Wednesday Whereabouts post, but yesterday was a great day too!  Got to wear my new flip flops, paired them with this cover-up.

We had friends in town from Charlotte, and the kids had the best time together!

Swim Top // Sunnies

I’ve been using another treatment in my hair most boat days, but yesterday I decided to try this one, and really loved it.  I just put it in a french braid and sprayed this on top.  It’s great if you’re headed to the pool too, pre-swim.

This is the first year I’ve tried this suntan lotion and have used it on every trip and every pool/beach day and have yet to get sunburned.  It goes on really smoothly too!

Today’s OOTD

Dress (still one of my favorite toss-on dresses this season) // Sandals // Sunnies // Necklace (as a bracelet)

Lilly Agendas are now available!  Check them all out here!

Spend $75 and receive a free printed pen!

Have y’all seen the latest print?  Absolute LOVE it!

The Little Lilly Dress is so cute!

And so is this little swimsuit!  Check out everything available in this print here.

Hope y’all have a great start to your week!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Funday + Lilly Agendas are HERE! + OOTD

  1. Sunday Funday! It must be nice to enjoy the sun, sand, water and boat while surrounded with your family and friends. That what Summers are all about – Fundays 🙂

    Love your Tory flip flops too. :))

  2. For sure going to check out the hair treatment to use this summer. Would love to see some braiding tips/tutorials, the ones you post are so pretty! I have long thick hair and traditional braids are all I have in my bag of tricks. 😉

    1. Will do! You should youtube the Belgian braid. It looks really tricky but it’s not at all. It’s basically a regular French braid, you just pull the sides to the bottom instead of the top. Hard to explain but watch one and try it. You’ll surprise yourself!

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