Rain, Rain Go Away!

While everyone around us received snow today, we ended up getting cold, freezing rain!  The girls and I made the most of it.  We attended W’s Christmas party at preschool and I finally got to get my hair done.  Oh, and a stop off on the way home at Starbucks was key…I needed my Eggnog Latte fix!  I’ll be sure and post photos of the party tomorrow.  Hope y’all have a great Thursday evening!  Stay warm!

I’d love to cozy up in this…

And how appropriate too…from Anthropologie, the At-Ease Hoodie.

7 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Go Away!

  1. Oooh, love that Anthropology top! So cute and cozy!

    I have a favor to ask, well more of a request, really…will you take a picture of your closet sometime? I'm dying to see all your great clothes in one place!

    (We didn't get rain today or anything weather worthy and it was 70!—Such change from Monday when it was 32 for the high!)

  2. Love that coat! And those pictures of your girls on the right in the blue dresses are precious! It is dreary here in Charleston too but at least it warmed up some!

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