Fashion Friday: A Terrific Trio: Vineyard Vines, Cosabella and Parties!

Happy Friday, Y’all!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  One more week until Christmas!  Enjoy every second!  It’s a beautiful day here today, thankfully.  After yesterday’s yuckiness, we desperately needed a pretty day!  Luckily, earlier this week I found this great steal of a deal to keep me warm and dry yesterday!

Vineyard Vines Nor’Easter Coat
(except mine is Carolina blue)
Retails for $245, Purchased for only $72!
I’ve already had some questions about how I got such a great deal on this jacket.  I was at Belk on Tuesday, and someone returned it.  They marked it down to $121, and then it was on Red Dot Sale, so it was marked down even more.  I got lucky, being there at the right time!  There was only one!
Here’s the weather we were dealing with yesterday…blah!  If anyone is familiar with Charlotte, this is the light at Randolph and Wendover.  Normally, you can see the downtown skyline from here, but it’s so cloudy, it appears we don’t have one.
If anyone is in love with Cosabella as much as I am, right now, J.Crew has a deal going on, 30% off all Sale items with code: MUSTHAVE.  They have a three-pack of Cosabella thongs that normally retail for $48.
With the extra 30% off the already marked down sale price, it makes the three-pack only $24.50!
I bet you didn’t know Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes and I have something in common, since the day we were born…
Our birthdays are tomorrow!  I’ll be turning the big 3-0!  Cannot believe it!
We’ll be celebrating with a party at my parents’ house tonight!
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W’s Christmas Party was a lot of fun! W loved eating the mini-cupcakes the best – I think that’s always her favorite part!

 W kept telling her friends, “This is my sister.”  So sweet!

One more thing…look at who is starting to stand up, only for about five seconds at a time…but it’s a start!
I received a request to showcase my closet (or closets I should say!).  Stay tuned, I’ll post photos next week – you won’t be too impressed.  I’ll preface it by saying they’re small, but I make them work!
Merry Friday, Y’all!

16 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: A Terrific Trio: Vineyard Vines, Cosabella and Parties!

  1. How in the world did you get such a deal on that jacket? I've had my eye on it forever! Hope your weather gets better soon! We have had snow up here. Stay warm….and dry! Your girls are adorable!!!

  2. Go E, go! That is just great! She just might be walking by the first of the year!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow and enjoy your celebration with family! Loved your sister's post today…so fun to see all those photos of y'all!

  3. What a great deal on that jacket! I think I know that intersection – my in-laws live in Charlotte. And, your kiddos are adorable!

  4. Wow, you share birthdays with some fun celebrities. The most well know people that I share a birthday with is Andrew Jackson and Fabio.

  5. That is so cute that W kept telling everyone that is her sister. How precious, and I cannot believe how fast E is growing up. Standing up already thats crazy, but so cute!


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