Love to Need This One!

Hoping to get this one on sale somewhere.  Wish I would have purchased it the other week, during Tory’s Friends and Family promo.  Oh well, hopefully soon, maybe Nordstrom will have it marked down.  A dream for now…

It would go so well with my gold Reva flats…then again what doesn’t go well with Revas?!

Random Question:  Does anyone have this clutch, and can your Hobo International wallet fit in one of the sides?  Thanks!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful Wednesday!
We’re supposed to get a wintry mix tonight, turning to rain tomorrow.  Sounds like fun tonight, but tomorrow is going to be yucky!  W has her last day of preschool tomorrow before Christmas break, and her holiday Christmas party.  Depending on the weather, she may not even have school.  I almost hope she doesn’t, so I don’t have to get the girls, and myself, out in that mess!  I also have a hair appointment tomorrow afternoon – not so fun to get your hair fixed, when it’ll be rained on five second later.
Then again, anything will look better than what my hair looks like right now!
Modern Salon, here I come!  And you better not be closed, due to weather.  Haha!

8 thoughts on “Love to Need This One!

  1. I was just eyeing this clutch the other day! We're suppose to have snow tomorrow, and I am not excited to be stuck in the house as soon as I come home from school. I'm hoping your salon doesn't close. I know how you feel, I need a haircut so badly!

  2. Great clutch.

    I would be more than happy to send some our snow your way so you don't have to do the school thing tomorrow! LOL!

    So with you on the "hair" thing. My appointment is Saturday. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. 🙂

  3. You hit it with this one!! I love TB, but don't own anything in my closet. Hmm, that needs to change. And I totally understand what you mean about Need. This isn't a want, but a NEED! 🙂


  4. Girlfriend….have fun at the Spa! I want to go with ya:)

    I love that clutch! I have that wallet though but not the clutch. Shall I buy it so I can answer you question?? 🙂

    I'm so sorry to hear abt the Eddies:(

    Hope you have a great day sweetie!

    XO Daph

  5. Oh no! I can guess the weather messed with you plans today (Thursday). I am in North Charlotte and my son's school was closed. Our roads are iced and we are stuck in the house 🙁

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