Our Den Update + Sources

I added a few more updates to the den, since I last posted about it.  Still looking for the right couch pillows, a plant and more side tables either beside couch or between the two swivel chairs.  Not quite sure yet.  We continue to love this couch.  A great fit for this space!


It took me forever to find theperfect coffee table to fit this space.  It’s kind of an awkward room to decorate, seeing as the corner comes out and it’s also at the bottom of our stairs.  So I didn’t want to choose a rug size that would come out much more than it is here.  I ordered my rug from Ballard Designs, but have since decided I wish I’d ordered this one instead.  The one we have sheds a lot.  While it looks great, not a big fan.  Since the chairs (source: Aiden Fabrics) are swivel chairs, they have to either be completely on the rug or almost completely off.  But I love them!  The hardest part is telling the kids not to spin around in them.  I would love to do something with the fireplace, but it’s just a small space and we never use it.

This lamp is the newest addition!

Glass Dish

We use these blankets every single night!  They’re super easy to wash too.  All books on coffee table are from here.

All in Good Taste // Grace // Things We Love

I clearly love a good coffee table book.  I made sure to have all the larger pieces in the room be neutral, so I could add in pops of other colors.  And if I ever tire of the color scheme, I can always change it out with others.

Love that this lamp adds a fun little quirkiness to this room.

You’ll notice from the previous photo of these shelves that I’ve moved some things around since this photo was taken.

Still loving this framed photo that really ties the room together.


Couch: Pottery Barn  ||  Coffee Table: Pottery Barn

Lamp: Kerry Wearstler  ||  Framed Photo: Minted  ||  Blankets: Pottery Barn

RugBallard Designs (but prefer this one to the one we have)

Shelving Unit: Steven Shell  ||  Pillows: Harrison Blackford

Coffee Table Books: Assouline Classics Collection  ||  Crabs: Mitchell Hill  ||  Glass Dish: Simon Pearce

Pink Bowl: IBU Movement  ||  Hermès Tray Replica: Slate Interiors

Paint Color:  Evening Shadow (lightened by 25%) (for photos of the walls before and other grays I tried, head back to this post)

In case you missed yesterday’s post, I shared my Mother’s Day Gift Guide.  Head back here to check it out.  Order soon to ensure it’ll arrive by Sunday!  Above are some of the ones I own and love. // Watch // Airpods // Earrings //Wine Tumbler // ‘Bless Your Heart’ Game

Wore this dress yesterday for Cinco de Mayo.  Didn’t think it was still available, but it is!  And it’s on major sale right now too!

Wheeler is determined to run with me and asked if she could go with me on my run on Saturday and she made it!  So proud of her!  There were a few walks and breaks here and there, but I told her I do that sometimes too…especially in the beginning when I was just getting into running.  The next day, Effie joined me and did the same!  Love that they want to do it with me!

I’ll be sharing a ‘Life Lately’ post with y’all soon, but wanted to share this coverup that I talked about on this weekend’s post.  Still love it and wear it all the time!  Such a great Lilly print!

Hope y’all are having a great week so far!

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  1. We have the same rug and the same problem! Love it and hate it. Thank you for the alternative in case we decide to replace it!

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